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*** Please note if you are planning on joining you may be asked to very your identity via a phone call or other online source. Please answer all the profile questions as thoroughly as possibly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are saddened that such measures have to be put into place but it is necessary in order to prevent cyber bullying and cyber stalking which has been occurring via meetup. ***

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This group consists of like minded people meeting to learn and cross-train each other in disaster preparedness, emergency / wilderness survival, bug-out or shelter in place, civil unrest, EMP / power grid failure, nuclear disaster, economic collapse of government, etc, etc.

Our rule of thumb is that it takes a community to be resilient, and individuals within this group should attend with the mindset of bringing their skills and experience back to their families and communities in times of crisis.

Survival - the opposite of dying when faced with interruption of the status quo of electrical power, civil order, and regular food distribution. Preparedness - advance planning and preparation of health and food supplies, critical skills, effective communication and the deployment of skilled manpower resources.
We do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or politics. We focus exclusively on training and preparation of supplies for the average San Diegan. However we do have a no tolerance policy towards any ill treatment towards any member in our group. Respect goes both ways.
Our focus is low to no cost training. We do this through group members pooling their skills to train the others and by acquiring group discounts on gear. We break down our personal / family disaster training and preparations into three specific tracks: Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids.
Community disaster resilience requires Engineering skills consisting of anything from construction/demolition, off-grid power, auto mechanics, defensive fortification, search/rescue and recovery, and running water. This track is being explored and typically requires a lot more intensive training such as CERT or civil engineering. Communications - Ham Radio technician test study groups and subsequent training meetups.
Positive Mental Attitude is critical. We aim to have fun and not get too grim in order to maintain high morale while dealing with a deadly serious subject: the survival of you, your family & your friends and neighbors. So "Lighten up Francis" - Bill Murray, Stripes
We're politically agnostic because it takes a village to survive disasters. Politics are not part of this group's charter and considered off topic for online discussion however over a beer just about any topic is freely discussed. Members are expected to show courtesy and respect for differing opinions - we don't care whether you're a Red State or Blue State, GOP or Dem.
Members will likely identify with one or more tracks and this is good. It is not our intent to try and fit square pegs into round holes; freely choose which skills you want and attend Meetups as you like. Nobody knows what you need to know better than you.

Topics of our meetups include: Pressure canning, dehydrating food, Chicken Butchering, Raising goats, Dairying, Chicken Raising, Primitive Weapons, CERT, Ham Radio License Study Groups, Building a Solar Oven, Aquaponics, Hydropnics, Fish Horticulture, Firearms Training, Reloading classes, Weapon Cleaning, EMP Lectures with guest speakers, Armageddon Emergency Medicine, Making Holistic Medicine, Wild Food Walks and Identification, Nuclear Disaster Preparedness, Tactical Hikes, Indoor Rock Climbing, Bug Out Bags, Camping Trips, Flint Knapping, Tracker Naturalist training, Plant and Seed Exchanges, and the list goes on and on.

If you have a specialized skill and are willing to share it, like learning in groups, or just want to be better prepared for any type of emergency or disaster this is the place to do it.

"There is a great value in social cooperative learning. Sure you could probably learn all the information you will ever need to be prepared off the internet but there is just something about working together with real live people and learning skills as a group that is invaluable we all learn by doing. Having knowledge and being able to practically apply it are two different things." -Red Leader

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