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A Survive 2 Thrive weekend will teach you all the basic skills you would need to know to survive any type of natural disaster, catastrophes or that much anticipated and talked about zombie apocalypse. The weekend starts on a Friday evening with your arrival, setting up your tent (yep that means camping), and relaxing by a camp fire. If you can’t imagine sleeping outside in a tent, relax, our training sites are always close to several hotels. However, we strongly recommend participants stay at the training site alongside the instructors so you can maximize your available learning opportunities. The rest of the weekend will be spent learning skills such as knife handling safety, making fire using several different methods, making cordage, knot tying, building shelters, water purification , how and where to source food, map/compass training, and finally emergency wilderness first aid training. Not only will this weekend give you an great opportunity to meet other individuals and families that are like minded but it can also build comradery with your family and the other families that you will interact with over the weekend. Imagine the amount of increased confidence you will have after learning these skills and knowing you can now survive and thrive when disaster strikes. Families with adolescent children are encouraged to attend, train and work together, a family learning the same skills together is stronger in a crisis. However due to the inherent danger of some of the tools and skills you will be learning no one under the age of 13 can be allowed to attend.

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