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organizing re-launch of Survivors Reunite
I need new volunteers. Let me explain please... It's been 5 yrs since Survivors Reunite has been active daily providing resources, laws and much more to victims and survivors with in all 50 states. I'm the owner of this meet up, and had to step down from Survivors Reunite. To focus on my own health, PTSD, and my family. We were survivors of a 7 1/2 yr abusive marriage. Shortly after getting out of the DV situation. I became a volunteer victims advocate for a 1 1/2 years at the Marion County district attorney office, than started survivors reunite which went really well. We're all in a better place now. I'm now married to a very supportive man, I have now 5 amazing kids and mentally ready to go back to what I feel like I'm called for. That is to help others with DV. I'm very knowledgeable and the creater of the website, organization of survivors reunite online. Right now I'm in the middle of a fund raiser to get my story/book published on DV awareness, criminal justice and the laws. I'm seeking for new volunteers who are in a safe and healthier mind set to help re-launch the website and organization. Please send me messages letting me know you're interested and we can Create a meet up to discuss further information. I will post a later post of more details for all when that information becomes available. HERE IS THE FUNDLY LINK: fot the book publishing fund raiser below. Thanks for reading sincerely l, Shannon Valdez

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Domestic Violence Survivors Reunite, is a support group which helps encourage each other and help each other threw the healing process.

Through education, victim rights laws, resources, friendship, and fun group activies such as, hiking, camping, fishing, outdoor sports, picnics, game nights, family outings, movies, get together for brunch or dinners, bringing the light and hope back into our lives.

Time is healing and knowledge is power. Together we can make a difference.

We will come together to reunite and help get involved with the communtiy on domestic violence awareness, such as the domestic violence awareness run here in Salem, and much more.

My name is Shannon and my children and I are survivors of Domestic Violence over 7 and half years of abuse, its now been over 5 and half years since we been out of the abusive situration.

I've learned a lot about the laws, as I have experienced testifying in a Trial, Divorce, past good and bad experience with the officers and laws, restraining orders, courts, resources, victim rights and justice. I

've had 2 years as a volunteer Victim Advocate, and did start a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic violence.

I faced my fears, and my kids and I are more happy then ever. I'm remarried and now have 4 beautiful children.

I've learn there is hope, and faith has gave my kids and I another chance at life again. I support awareness daily threw my bummer stickers, apparel and merchandise i create and sell all over the Unites States. In hoping awarness will help put an end to domestic violence and encourage other women to recieve the knowledge and learn they are stronger then they think. In hopes to get out and stay out of a abusive situration.

This group is to be a safe, loving, respectful, educated, and fun group to come together, and meet new friends that have also been victims of domestic violence. Helping each other threw our healing process and coping with any PTSD we may still have.

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