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Our group will be about getting together once a month (sometimes more) for some yummy Sushi. This group attends Long Island Sushi restaurants only, but there may be some NYC or Queens events planned in the future.Suggestions of Sushi restaurants you enjoy dining at or ones you would like to try are welcome and wanted. We attend together for the experience and to enjoy one another's company. Whether you are an enthusiast or only an occasional Sushi lover ALL are welcome to join; we do not discriminate!

There will be a $3/year membership fee to join, which will cover the cost of bookings, materials, and other things. Members must pay their dues within two weeks of joining. Other costs will be listed page for individual events. Members must attend at least 3 meetups a year. IF YOU ARE ATTENDING A MEETUP, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DUES PAID FOR OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EVENT. You can pay using Meetup's WePay system (super safe) OR you can PayPal me ( https://www.paypal.me/Anne512 ) OR you can pay the $3 when you attend an event (please email me privately). DUES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, DESPITE WHETHER YOU VOLUNTARILY LEAVE A GROUP OR ARE REMOVED FROM ONE BY A LEADER.

No "flaking" allowed on an event; if you are a no show TWICE, you are out of the group. If you need to cancel for an event, please notify us ASAP; if you do so 0-8 hours before the event, you will be considered as "flaking" and it will count as one of your no shows. If you are a no show to an event and there is another event that you are listed as going to during that week or even that month, you will be automatically removed from that other event as well or put on the bottom wait list. In the case that you are attending a joint meetup with my group and are scheduled to seat with that other group, but do not show the night of that event, then you will be removed from the next meetup or put at the bottom of the wait list. Additionally, you are not always guaranteed a spot an event; events fill up quickly and preference is usually given to those members that attend regularly and don't cancel. More so, if specifically stated that there is no flaking on an event, then a member may be removed from the group; this is particularly true when the host has worked hard to get seating for 15 or more. Hard Policy: If you are new to the group, flaking signifies your lack of interest in really being a part of this group. NEW MEMBERS that have NEVER ATTENDED, will automatically be thrown out from the group if they are a NO SHOW to an event. NO REFUNDS FOR DUES for anyone who is dismissed from this group or leaves on their own terms. New Meetup Site Policy: Because of the way the new meetup site is designed, we can no longer put in for no-shows the way we used to. Therefore, your name will be announced on the comment section as "no show" so that it's easier to keep track of.

NO DOUBLE-DIPPING. This means that you have signed up for two ore more events that run at the exact same time. This is against the policies of meetup.com. If you have done so, you will be automatically removed from the event for our group. If this happens more than once, you will be removed from the group and reported to meetup.com and other penalties will incur. If you are removed for this reason, THERE IS NO REFUND ON YOUR MEMBER DUES.

NO HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED. You are NOT allowed to contact members using their Meetup email unless they give you permission. If a member gives you their number, please be respectful toward them and DO NOT HARASS THEM. We've lost many member already because of MISCONDUCT; let's try to avoid that in the future. In terms of the the comments on events, please do not say things to make people uncomfortable; general concerns about meetups are fine, but do not push an issue on the comments page that could be handled privately. If you have a concern that doesn't involve the meetup directly, please email La privately and she will deal with the situation. If you are being HARASSED by any member, you must let La know right away.

INTOLERANCE POLICY. INTOLERANCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Everyone on Meetup comes from different backgrounds and has different views about life – please show some respect to everyone by not discriminating against them because they are different than you. While you are entitled to your own opinions, please don’t cause any problems. No one is allowed to discriminate against anyone of a different culture, ethnicity, religion, political view, class, sexual orientation, etc., in this group. Any demonstration of intolerance will result in your immediate removal from this Meetup group. Further demonstration of this may result in being reported to the Meetup site.

FIRST MEETUP ETIQUETTE. The goal of the group is to meet new people with similar interests. We acknowledge that you might be different than others, but we ask that you do not push your personal beliefs onto others, whether it is political, religious, etc. When you come to a meetup as a new member, you don't know anyone, so, as they say, first impressions are everything. Asking invasive questions about any sensitive subject is not permitted in this group, even if you are being sarcastic or trying to be funny. Anyone who displays poor etiquette at their first meetup, or any meetup for that matter, will be removed from the group.

NO ICEBREAKERS. Part of the fun of this group is that you meet people naturally; ice breakers ruin it. Anyone who suggests or attempts to create an ice breaker activity will be immediately removed from the group.

NO ASKING FOR SEPARATE CHECKS. This is the job of the leader or the event organizer. As a rule, we try to get them, but it is not a guarantee, which is why you must bring CASH with you to events (to make it easier when we have one check for the group). If you ask for separate checks, then you will be removed from the group.

CHECK RULES: If you don't get separate checks, and it's most likely that you will not, please keep track of what you owe, including sodas, drinks, sides, etc. If you make an exchange (say for instance, fries for sweet potato fries) they will probably charge you for that. At the end of the meal, when you get the check, the first thing the host needs to do is to figure out what the total is (by multiplying the total before the tax by 1.3). Then each member is to honestly put their initials (first and last) to the left of the item and figure out what you owe and multiply it by 1.3. The host will review the list to make sure everything is covered while you are preparing your money. You wait for your host (or whomever is tallying up the money) to confirm that the total is accurate. Hosts will be required to keep their receipt, the one that has been initialed and give them to me. Then, the host will dismiss you. If you attempt to leave before the check is settled, you will be out of the group. If you don't pay your share or are caught taking money from the pile of money, you will be out of the group. We've had too many issues with this in the past; following this system will ensure that everyone pays only what they owe and the waiter/waitress gets what they deserve. If these are a problem for you, please remove yourself from the group.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your immediate removal.

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