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Join Us - SJC Monthly Small Work Group Team Organizing Meeting !

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We will be wrapping up a very busy year

and looking at what we plan to accomplish in 2013 !!

Reports from the Organizing Committee and Project Leaders :45 Breakout Session - Small group discussions to facilitate Q & A about SJC and the ways for new folks to work on projects :45 Come early to network for 30 minutes starting at 6:30pm Meeting will start promptly at 7pm

As we bring our 2012 activities to a close,

please consider joining us for our

SJC Green Drinks + ART event on Dec. 7th as part of JC Fridays

and our first

Sustainable JC Community Dinner Fundraiser on Sunday nite Dec. 9th









October 2nd Agenda

Arrive at 6:30 to meet others and chat for awhile;

Program starts at 7pm

Kickoff Presentation -

Mr. Kevin Honold will be presenting on

Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Jersey City

The Basics - HVAC, Lighting, Building Controls - and how to leverage these components as part of a larger SYSTEM Opportunity for JC Health Issues & Opportunities Job Market Opportunities & Training

Remaining Agenda For Tonite

Update on Website, Project Management Tools and Funding Pilot Fabulous Surprise for our October 20th SJC Green Drinks + ART (last outdoor soiree of the season!) and our cool plans for moving this successful series around JC Small Work Group Team (SWGT) Updates and Welcome Newbees - discussion on where teamwork is tracking / challenges and where some new projects are emerging, e.g., JC School District


In June we began shifting our usual monthly SWGTs meeting agenda as we transitioned to Neighborhood Sustainability Planning activities. Intent is provide support to community teams to execute on more Innovative Demonstration Projects - our focus for a model project is Green Infrastructure + ART and will set the stage for our Rain Garden Campaign which is starting to percolate. Learn HOW to PLAN with other neighborhood stakeholders who want to work together to achieve something GREAT !!

See upper left quadrant of our website to see the current projects we are working on - Join us at these monthly meeting if you would like to collaborate on any one of these projects.

SJC Green Drinks + ART has been a VERY SUCCESSFUL way to bring folks together to enjoy some down time and talk about working on projects together; AND we have some great new institutional and philanthropic partnerships coming onboard so it's an exciting time.

We've laid the groundwork, now it's time to execute on some solid planning and pilot and submit some grant proposals.

SOOOO . . . .

Sept 4th Agenda

Everyone Welcome - Including Newbees !!

Building on our AUGUST meetup we're gong to

Kick-off with a Social Media Lab session to bring project teams up to speed on the new website, changes to our online collaborative workspace 'Primary Colors' and how we've connected the social media tools to your projects !! It'll be easy and fun so get ready !! Coordinate Timeline for Sept - October and put a 60-Day Swat Team together to make sure everyone knows how to plug-in and row together so we succeed with promoting this RAIN GARDEN + ART project and raise the needed funds through crowd sourced outreach with our partner . . ALL IT TAKES IS KNOWING HOW TO BEAT A DRUM FOLKS !! We have opportunity to DOUBLE OUR RAISE TWICE with corporate and foundation funding but we first have to raise $3K to gain their confidence !!! SJC Advisory Board Members are going to take us through a creative team building process to deliver on STRATEGIC GOALS FOR SJC ORGANIZATION; we have a good number of new folks coming into the fold who need to be integrated into our activities so now is the time to organize some new Small Work Group Teams. This will result in a fortified structure for SJC and will sew up the confidence of our new institutional partners. The 60-Day Swat Team folks will all take part = includes Project Leaders, old and new Collaborators each taking up "1 bucket of water" to carry of the hill . . . YES WE CAN DO THIS !!



Background . . .

August 7th Agenda

Review of Planning and Social Media Tools and Creative Timeline for our launch to a more integrated collaboration platform. Project Leaders Updates & Collaborator Match - focus during this segment is how can we move these projects forward and introducing new folks to team activities they may want to join. Review of the June / July Planning Strategies Priorities that will help build capacity for Sustainable JC initiatives and SWGTs (small work group teams) and map out how to advance those objectives.

Here's what we did in June and July as we began to integrate the ARTS into our project planning -

Info below is helpful to newcomers interested in learning more about SJC; also visit our website for additional updates on our activities.

This meeting agenda can be found at

We are going to use this month's time together to enter into a Planning Dialog with collaborator ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS and other ARTS COMMUNITY FRIENDS and explore a Decision Tree Framework for selecting Green Infrastructure + ART Projects.

See you there !


Background below -

Meeting Format - First Tues Nites

Each month Sustainable JC comes together to learn about and support community projects. The format of the meeting often includes a brief talk on a topic of interest, an update on new tools and resources we are bringing to our growing network of collaborators and then an exchange amongst the Small Work Group Teams (SWGTs) that have formed.

Folks come early (6:30pm) and stay late (9pm) if they want to network; program kicks off at 7pm and ends around 8:30pm. All monthly meetings take place at HCCC Culinary Conference Center.

What We've Been Doing

Is always good to read previous event notifications to stay up to date with our activities; just click on the link in the left margin that reads PAST MEETUPS !!

Our focus continues to be about introducing collaborators to one another, facilitating folks to team up around community projects and developing organizing tools for the Sustainable JC Collaborative Network. SJC is intended to be a support system for community stakeholders who want to do projects together. One of the ways we have begun to do this is by structuring CSC educational workshops and events across various sustainability topics and we've also launched this meetup community calendar open to all those who are convening 'green conversations' - feel free to use the SJC Meetup to announce your events ! Lastly, we've been working really hard to understand where stakeholder priorities intersect so we can help to create synergies across projects.

Update on Project Team Activity / Partnership is Key !

Past months marked a number of new and exciting collaborations for SJC with new Sponsors coming into the fold; partnership categories spanned the community sustainability spectrum and range from green jobs training orgs to arts groups and funding resources for community projects, so stay tuned!! And we have also committed to a monthly partnered social / learning event we're calling SJC Green Drinks + ART - we kicked it off as part of the June JC Fridays event and will be back on Sept 7th details here -

Along the way we hosted a starter group for enterprising Composting Passionados with our partner the Jersey City Art School !! and now we are planning to roll out SJC's Community Composting initiative neighborhood by neighborhood. One of the goals of the SJC Good Food Now ! is to network the food system here in JC and that includes Food Scrappers & Community Gardens sharing resources and ideas like developing small scale composting systems across JC - look for those icons on the SJC Green Map !! And watch what's emerging over at the Jersey City Art School as they take on a Community Composting Adventure

Speaking about SJC Green Map - we've begun working with Boys & Girls Club to teach their Civics Club members how to work with the Green Map System platform so stay tuned as we turn out more neighborhood narratives thru the eyes of these young people. Where are the photographs, videos and poetry that describe what's happening in your neighborhoods? Work with SJC and Boys & Girls Club to Map Your Neighborhood !!

The NJ Farm To School project is happening here in JC !! as we work to evolve more after-school and Summer programming for kids in community gardens and pilot some innovative 'community supported food' models; we've partnered with NJ F2S and the JC School District as hosts for some "Lunch Lady Bootcamp" training for the NJF2S Fall Conference program at the HCCC's Culinary Conference Center and are also working to track some other green job certification programs there at the college - stay tuned.

Green Complete Streets INSPIRES US and will host another workshop on this topic soon and look for more partnering with the Committee For A Greener Hoboken - we're inspired by the idea of our two Hudson County municipal Community Green Teams working together on sustainability programming. After the success of the Urban Farming + Gardening event series, we plan to launch a Recycling & Materials Re-use series and an Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation series early Summer so stay tuned. Consider becoming part of these team efforts as both project will take MANY Community Collaborators !!

Yes we have been busy !!

Anyone is welcome to join an existing project SWGT to team up with others

and if you have a project you would like to create and are looking for folks

to team with, come put your project up on the board and we'll try to support you.

Meeting starts promptly at 7pm - come at 6:30 for half hour of networking if your schedule permits.

Feel free to use this SJC Meetup site to plan and post sustainability related events in your neighborhood - its intended as a community calendar for that purpose.


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