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Sustainable Chequamegon Tour, July 23rd – 26th

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Sustainable Chequamegon Tour, July 23rd – 26th

Join community leaders, sustainability practitioners and firesouls in an exploration of Chequamegon and its people. Participate in an inspiring, affordable tour including study visits, seminars, cultural events and open forums to learn about the progress and challenges of Wisconsin’s most active eco-municipality region.

Located along Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake by surface area, and containing two sovereign nations and four of the nation's first five Ecomunicipalities, the Chequamegon Bay region is a place of global significance. Today, the Chequamegon Bay region is working to reinvent itself as a place of permanent abundance by being surprisingly bold in their visions and actions, embracing holistic, full-spectrum transformation, and creating new models of thinking, acting and being that will sustain themselves and their communities indefinitely into the future while simultaneously nurturing and protecting the human and natural worlds.

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Day 1 - Pie and Politics
Day 2 - Thriving Communities Summit
Day 3 - Sustainable Chequamegon Bus Tour
Day 4 - Enrichment Activity, Building Sustainable Communities/Regions in Wisconsin

Hosted by the Alliance for Sustainability and co-sponsored by the American Planning Associations Wisconsin Chapter, Kailo Fund and Sustainable Resource Group. Special thanks to Town and Country Association Resource Conservation and Development Inc. and Bee Kind Design.


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