What Is In Our Air? The Path to Clean Air in Longmont

Sustainable Resilient Longmont
Sustainable Resilient Longmont
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This event is being co-hosted with the Longmont Sunrise Movement.

Join us to learn how scientists and policy experts are working to improve Longmont’s air quality. Panel discussion by:

- Senator Mike Foote, Colorado State Legislature
- Rep. Joe Salazar, Executive Director, Colorado Rising
- Dr. Detlev Helmig , University of Colorado Boulder

Ozone and other air pollutants have been linked to oil and gas development in Boulder County. Boulder County has been designated by EPA as a “serious non-attainment area” for ozone levels. Ground-level ozone can lead to respiratory problems such as coughing, chest discomfort and shortness of breath; long term exposure can cause increased asthma attacks and heart disease. Benzene -- a pollutant found in burning fossil fuels -- can lead to leukemia. A 2017 study found an elevated health risk -- an eight-fold increased cancer risk -- for residents within 500 feet of an oil and gas facility. Air emissions have been found to damage health up to 2000 feet from wells.