What we're about

In this group we will be sharing the cutting edge scientific & spiritual knowledge to understand & harness the infinite power of sub-conscious mind that can be use to realize & unleash the tremendous potential hidden in each & everyone of us. This group is for those Brave Dreamers who want to experience the life at the edge of comfort zone & see the life beyond self limitations.I am passionate about helping people reach to their highest potential. I believe when we are ready to make positive changes in our lives we attract whatever we need to help us. The whole universe is waiting for us to say yes... and we can end the struggle.. just by changing our beliefs & developing new sets of skills required for the change. The upcoming meetups would be the roller coaster ride from the Height of hard hitting Scientific studies & techniques to the depth of Spirituality. The Meetups would be on following subjects to get more insight on our inner self.



-Latest Neuroscientific Studies

- Cognitive behavioral Neurosciences

- Affirmations & Visualization

- Thought psychology & Clinical hypnosis

& Many more

So welcome to the gang !!!

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10X Career Success Seminar

Hotel Crowne Plaza

10X Career Success Seminar

The 'O' Hotel

Paint Your Future



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