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Morning walk/run at Memorial loop
I am sometimes there. I put this meetup just for members to be able to group together and run. So, If I will be at the trail that Saturday, I will post it as a comment. Since I organize the meetup, my rsvp shows yes! Please feel free to form groups and run if I am not coming that week. Lets meet for an early morning run at the memorial loop every Saturday when we can. We usually do 2 rounds, but there is no pressure.. you can run/ walk at your pace and complete your work out. We usually meet at the Tennis court near the Smoothie King sign. Just be there and look out for familiar faces or call :) .... In case you are late, just start running/walking and catch up with everyone or call ;) ... Parking maybe an issue, so park any where you can and you can walk up to the sign.

Smoothie King

1500 West Memorial Loop Drive · Houston, TX

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Welcome to India !

If you have just wandered here and feeling like Alice in Wonderland, this is India, several seas apart from the mother subcontinent. The group welcomes everyone who has something to do with the words like Indians or Desi, not limited to people from India. Sounds interesting? Read on...

India-ness (or Desi-ness) is the feel we strive to generate, so we...

Mostly reach late for the events and we define start time as 11 to 12 ;-)

Meet mostly at desi masala places only!

We go for even the ‘flop-est’ of Bollywoods movies , remember VEER, or BLUE !?

More than 70% of the folks we meet are either IT geeks, or nerd researchers!

We never look at the map/direction and make sure to harass the organizer with non-stop calls asking for directions!

Over 80% of our members who join the group to ‘meet fellow desis’, never show up for any event. Well, you can sure be of one of the ... other 20%

We have NO place for the promotion of Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

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