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"Having observed that a majority of the sincere spiritual seekers coming to me had significant money issues, I developed the ‘MONEY MASTERY’ course to help everyone address these problems once and for all. Rich or poor, follow this course, and you will have more money available to you — guaranteed.” ~ Swami Premodaya Register at or by calling (310)[masked] METHOD/ PURPOSE This is an intensive and immersive program, delivered in only 12 (powerful!) class meetings. These impart all essential financial success secrets for optimally managing the money you are already making, and/or understanding what’s holding you back. Coupled with 4 Private Sessions, for developing and implementing your ‘Individualized Financial Plan’, and for providing you with personal success guidance, this course has worked fantastically for 95% of the people who’ve taken it to date: Here are some comments people have shared about this practical program for making the most of your money: from a middle-aged woman who previously had never had more than $500 in the bank: “I now live in a beautiful home, own a new car that I paid cash for, and have started my own business."  ~ T.P. from a retiree with plenty in the bank, who was carrying needless debt just “because everybody else does”. She also decided to get a new job and move to a nicer neighborhood: “I’ve quickly paid off more than $26,000 in debt, and continue to find more ways to maximize my income."  ~ S.C. from a self-employed woman who frequently complained about money problems and couldn’t imagine making more: “My financial situation has been greatly improved… I truly don't worry about money anymore."  ~ J.S. from a couple who started with maxed out credit cards and not a dime in the bank: “My wife and I paid off $70,000 in credit card debt plus our income tripled, since we took the course 2 years ago."  ~ D.S. Why and how does this course work so fantastically for people? Because it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It’s not even a ‘get rich slow’ system (although most who follow it to the letter, will slowly get rich). Rather, it teaches you how to better handle whatever income and financial resources you currently have. You learn why you can’t afford debt, how to stop wasting money, and how to get the most out of what you’re making - and if needed, how to make more. This intensive course quickly dispels the many ridiculous myths and misconceptions believed by most (e.g.: “anybody could become homeless”; if you’re reading this flyer, your chances of becoming ‘homeless’ are pretty close to zero. Such ideas hold us back financially and spiritually, while encouraging us to live in fear and squander our financial/material resources. We’ll gladly provide you with names and phone numbers of students who are willing to speak to you about their own experience with this program, including answering questions you might have. If you’re in debt, this course gives you the only guaranteed method we know of available anywhere for quickly getting completely out of debt. The course truly works because we customize it to each individual’s exact situation, setting serious success goals that are eminently attainable, with the right help: Each student receives an ‘Individualized Financial Plan’ that resolves all income/expense and/or debt issues, including a realistic and reasonable timetable. Those students who follow their Plan, as well as carry out the primary recommendations of the course: - become debt-free and/or cash wealthier; - learn advanced money management skills that increase wealth, financial stability and buying power; - become confusion-free in regard to ‘material' vs. ‘spiritual', when it comes to money and financial resources. REGISTRATION / TUITION Now enrolling . Registration (including full tuition payment) is required prior to the first course meeting. Tuition = $4,950.00 Register at or by calling (310)[masked] Available in-person or live online.

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We meet to support and promote the growth of our innate spirituality through organizing and holding public events (, watching pre-recorded videos of Swami Premodaya and participating in interactive Satsang gatherings. ( who is interested in personal growth and spiritual awakening will greatly benefit from joining this group.

Swami Premodaya ( is a spiritual master who works directly with all who are ready and willing to take the next step in finding themselves. After profound experiences of grace, personal healing, transcendent reality and spiritual awareness, his life's work shifted from psychology to spirituality.

“You are a unique and precious child of God. Start loving yourself and others accordingly — and Truth will find you, soon enough.”

~ Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya (

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