What behaviours drive your development - Chris Cundill (@ChrisCundill)

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This month we have a new talk from Chris all about Behaviour-driven development (BDD). As always pizza and refreshments will be provided by our fantastic sponsors Notbinary.

Talk title: What behaviours drive your development?

About Chris:
Seasoned Java & Scala developer with team lead experience. Contracting. The founder of Diligent Software. Married with three kids. Also play guitar, coaches junior football, teaches at Code Club. Enjoying life.

About this session:
Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is a wonderful thing. It is genuinely a revelation. The BDD movement has instructed us to focus on what matters; the outcomes needed from a software solution. BDD has helped us to re-align our thinking around the value that software features should deliver.

So now that we've learnt to think of software requirements in terms of behaviour, have we considered what behaviours are needed from a team working in this way?

Come and hear real-world insights from Chris Cundill who is working with some talented individuals at Not Binary as they implement
BDD on projects for the DVLA.