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Whether you’re an enterprising ideas person needing some technological brawn or a seasoned engineer craving inspiration, Sweat Equity Sessions is for you. Our goal is to connect the Jobs’ with the Wozniaks of the Charlotte community, pairing influential business entrepreneurs with fully equipped technical minds in a joint effort to create the next big thing in our vibrant startup community.

If you’re committed, enthusiastic, reliable and gritty, then you’re invited to come learn about getting involved with this exciting and rewarding creational ride; working for an early stage, pre-revenue startup in need of your specific talents and acumen. Come and listen to three aspiring entrepreneurs looking to support and engage people willing and ready to work for equity.

All of the founders involved in our group have been fully vetted by our talented and experienced team of technical- and business-minded leaders. We cannot guarantee that any one idea will be successful, but we believe that these innovators have ideas truly worth exploring.

Come to discover your true potential with Sweat Equity Sessions.

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