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What we’re about

A network for organizing Swedish Workshops on Exploratory Testing (SWET). A group that loves testing and loves to talk about it through peer-workshops in various places of Sweden.

Members are expected to be contributors in Exploratory Testing to the test community. Many of the members have their own blogs, talk at conferences, write articles in test magazines, teach/coach/train other testers or something like that.

In a peer-conference everyone is expected to contribute to the subject, by having fruitful discussions on how to advance our craft as testers, specifically in the domain of exploratory testing.

If you are interested in joining but do not know anyone in the network, contact an existing member or Martin Jansson via skype @ martin.jansson_thetesteye for an interview.


This is a network for testers in Sweden. If you are not from Sweden, look up if there are any existing ones in your country, if not create one yourself.