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Bitnation ID workshop
Get together for learning to create ID etc.

Needs a location


What we're about

Swedizen - a Non-state Voluntary Initiative - is a group for anyone interested in creating future stateless cryptonations and open governance. This specific group is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and will try to establish a local "Bitnation compatible" group of people to begin with.

"In the multi-local society, communities and places are junctions of a network, points of connection among short networks, which generate and regenerate the local social and production fabric and long networks, which connect that place and that community with the rest of the world (De Rita, Bonomi, 1998)."


- Pseudo-anonymous or actual identification of a person, and proof-of-existence.

- Encrypted, trust-based.

- Using GnuPG, NFC and QR technologies.

- Possibility to restore lost password through trusted parties.


- It is not Government issued or considered a valid form of ID in any state.

- Not a payment system

- Not a cryptocurrency (and does not need one)

- Not anything money-ish

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