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2nd workshop: Apps with quality, testing and architecture
Hello, again community members :) This will be our second workshop that we're providing to you, with one goal in mind: Better apps built by better developers, so here we are! This workshop is mainly about testing and how to build a better structure for your app, so if you're feeling comfortable with the language and you're ready to up your game, then this workshop is for you! About our Lecturer: Ahmed Abd Elmeguid is a software engineer with 10+ years of experience in writing code where he went through mobile, 2d/3d gaming, augmented/virtual reality, agile, testing and continues integration/deployment. He's developing iOS apps for 6+ years and currently, when he's not writing iOS apps he's mainly writing machine learning and data science algorithms in Python and Octave. Ahmed has given a session about CI/CD before in our meetup, check it out here: Agenda: Part 1: Refactoring Code - Dead Code and Deprecated Logic - Swift specific idioms and constructs - Swift naming conventions - Poorly written Methods and Classes - OOP and Design Principles Part 2: Writing Testable Code - Writing Code in Testable Units - SRP at the Method Level - Separating UI/Presentation Logic - Separating Business Logic - Protocol Oriented Testing Part 3: TDD (Test Driven Development) - Writing Testable Protocols - To Mock or Not To Mock - Writing UI Logic Tests While Mocking Business - Writing Business Logic While Mocking External Utilities - Integrations Tests Part 4: UI Testing - Scenarios VS Stories - Independent UI Tests - Automated Tests - Validating Navigations - Validating UI Design Time and location: This workshop is held with a partnership with the Greek Campus so that's where it will be. Days: 21 - 22 December Time: 11 AM - 6 PM Cairo time. Location: Jameel building, room 301 the Greek Campus Price and Registration: Cost for this workshop is 350EGP We accept payment through VF Cash on the number:[masked] Your spot is confirmed by sending the money not just registration. Please hurry up if you're interested, the number of seats is very limited. Register here:

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