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Swift is Apple's new programming language for iOS and OSX. Let's get together and improve our Swift ability! All skill levels are welcome. Learn skills then pay it forward. Let's help each other on our coding path.

Let's have a fun, relaxed mini-hackathon. Working together in mixed ability teams, let's build something in a couple of hours. The goal could be a specific framework(SpriteKit, CoreImage, CoreLocation), common tasks (parsing JSON, data persistence) or use case (game, note-taking app, annotated map app).

If you are a beginner, learn by building, learn from mentors. If you are an expert, share your knowledge and passion, add a feature!

People who might be interested in this Meetup:

• Beginners learning how to code.

• Objective-C experienced developers switching to / incorporating Swift.

• Swift-from-the-start experienced developers who never learned Objective-C.

Twitter: @Swiftability

Email: swiftability@gmail.com

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