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Social dance for cause! Haiti Dance-A-Thon @Fillmore Jazz Fest-Lindypendance

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FREE usual fun 2 day 5 block long Fillmore Jazz Festival

But, for 1 day starting July 3 the SWING DANCE FLOOR will promote HAITI EMERGENCY RELEIF FUND while social dancing continues:
(July 4 come back to the swing dance floor for more social dancing and the Northern California Lindy Hop Championships)

-Dancing all day long!



-Free lessons not to interfere with dancing for beginners with no partner or experience needed!

-Dance for a cause!

-Haiti Dance-A-Thon
8 hour Swing out

Become a dance-a-thoner get your friends to Pledge to donate toward Haiti Releif!

Grab a partner or a group. Minimum of 1 person on the dance floor from group at a time to raise funds!
Even during lessons!

Pool together your dancing by getting friends to do it with you; 1 dancer is expected on the floor at one time.

Print out the pdf and start asking your freinds to sponsor you:

http://www.BalboaBatt... (

Turn it in at 11:30am at the Swing Dance floor!


Help set up July 2, 3, &/or 4...
Contact [masked]

MOVED TO Fillmore plaza @ O'Farrell

12noon Lindy Hop lesson

1pm Emily Anne's Band

2:30pm Charleston lesson

3pm Cosmo Alley Cats

3:45 Balboa Lesson

5pm Surprise band

Dancing till 8pmish

http://www.facebook.c... (

Here is info on the group we are raising funds for:
http://www.haitiactio... (

"Haiti Emergency Releive Fund aid goes directly into the hands of Haitians. We give aid, not charity; we respect the people of Haiti and honor their commitment to lead the rebuilding of their society in the wake of this disaster. We have worked to support Haiti for the past six years, not just for the past few weeks. We will continue our work long after Haiti has dropped from the front pages. We hope that you will be there with us. We appreciate every penny, every dime, every dollar."

HERF have provided funds for tarps in the Port-au-Prince area, Leogane and Jacmel. People continue to sleep outside, either because their homes are destroyed or because of continuing after-shocks. As the rainy season begins in Haiti, the on-going crisis of sanitation, health and shelter is at the center of grassroots organizing campaigns and relief efforts.

HERF sent supplies to the Aristide Foundation For Democracy, which has become a center for medical relief work in the Port-au-Prince area... HAN is now funding a mobile health clinic that has been set up within the Aristide Foundation. HAN maintained support for the work of the Aristide Foundation by funding its mobile schools project. http://aristidefounda... (

HERF sponsored a team of doctors to open a day clinic in Bel Air. They treated people who could not find a place in the lines for medical attention at the General Hospital. HERF also bought and distributed more than 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in Bel Air.

HERF supported the Women of Camp Mesiane, one of the internal refugee camps dotting Port-au-Prince, received funding for food and medical supplies, as well as for activities to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8th. We have supported a women’s organizing project in Les Cayes, an area hit by the earthquake but ignored by most relief efforts. Many survivors have ended up in Les Cayes, needing water, food and medicine. Working through the Progressive Women of Les Cayes, we have assisted these efforts.

HERF have provided on-going support for SOPUDEP school, and its administrators, who have been able to provide aid to ravaged communities near the school. In particular, SOPUDEP has sustained the people of Mourne Lazare, a poor community in Port-au-Prince that has been all but ignored by relief efforts. For more details about SOPUDEP and its remarkable work since the earthquake, please visit their site at: http://www.sopudep.or... (

HERF supported the Confederation of Haitian Workers (CTH), who opened up their union hall to community residents, giving them shelter and sustenance in the wake of the disastrous quake.

"Our hearts are with Haiti."
Walter Riley
Civil rights attorney, Chair of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Sister Maureen Duignan, O.S.F.
Co-Chair, Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Pierre Labossiere,
Co-Founder of Haiti Action Committee

Randall White
Deacon, Allen Temple Baptist Church - Oakland CA

Robert Roth
Educator, Co-Founder Haiti Action Committee

Marilyn Langlois
Community advocate for Mayor's office in Richmond CA

For more information about the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund:
eMail: [masked]


Statement from the Aristide Foundation for Democracy

Since the earthquake the Aristide Foundation for Democracy (AFD) and the Medical School of the Foundation have been receiving large numbers of refugees and treating the wounded. Approximately 4000 people are now sheltering in the dormitories of the Medical School. Getting food, water and medicine for them remains a daily challenge. Foundation staff, together with a group of 53 doctors(Cuban and Haitian) attached to the Foundation, have been providing emergency medical care to the injured. The AFD has mobilized over 250 young people from the area to help distribute food and water, treat the wounded and maintain calm. In the coming week we plan to send mobile clinics out into some of the larger refugee encampments in the city. We are working to serve where possible as a bridge between the larger relief effort and the vast network of organizations, neighborhood groups and people who make up the popular movement, to whom we remain closely bonded, and for whom the continued presence of the Aristide Foundation is a symbol of hope.
We are grateful for the financial support of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.
The Aristide Foundation For Democracy
Organizing Mobile Schools
An estimated 90% of the schools in Port-au-Prince were destroyed in the earthquake. Tens of thousands of children are living in refugee camps and will be at least for the next several months. To offer organized activities, contact with caring adults, and some continuation of basic schooling AFD is launching a Mobile Schools project. We’ve recruited 50 high school and college graduates to serve as teachers, and are now coordinating with families and organizing committees in two refugee camps to build shelters where classes can be held.
Classes—three hours a day, five days a week—began at the first site on February 22. A second site is due to open next week. As funds become available we hope to expand this project to other sites. This project is being funded by the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund and we are very grateful for their solidarity and support.
HERF fundraising flyer from November 16, 2006

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