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Power Walking at Epsom Downs Racecourse
The walk starts from the large open car park which is at the roundabout junction between Tattenham Corner Road (B290) and Old London Road, just south of Epsom in Surrey. Meet at Keith Kiosk. You will need: No restrictive clothes Training shoes Water in backpack as your hands needs to be free Please bring £4 and pay on arrival

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What we're about

The SwingFit4All power walking is for any age group, run by Erika, who is an exercise to music for adults, older adults and Parkinson’s Disease Warrior trained instructor. Who is it for?

Anyone who is age 16 and above and would like to stimulate metabolism, peristaltic movement, range of movement, reduce sleep disturbance, work or overnight sleep apnoea related fatigueness, depression, anxiety, joint pain caused by arthritis, tight muscles due to long standing or sitting at school, at work or at home; gravitational oedema in lower limbs due to sedentary office work, and also if you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and are at the early stage.

About the exercise tool

The rings consist of 4 steel balls running within a corrugated plastic tube. As the rings are swung the balls move within the tube, generating vibrations that travel up the arms, to stimulate blood flow and connective tissues. A great deal of attention was given to the frequency of the vibration, weight of the rings and the hand grips, so that they are comfortable to use by people of any age. Power Walking Aim is delivering cardio workout; to improve endurance, range of movement, flexibility; build muscles, improve bone density as well as reducing weight and connecting your lymphatic drainage system with your circulatory system to stimulate gravitational oedema drainage via the use of light weight exercise rings that stimulate circulation through vibration.

How SwingFit4All power walking run Introduction
- To the basic steps, how to hold the rings and how to breathe
-Explanation of Blood Pooling: During the walking you will be asked to keep moving or marching to prevent lactic acid building up in your muscles as this maintains good oxygenation and prevents dizziness or fainting.

Warm up and stretch
- The aim is to prepare your mind & body for activity while allowing you have time to learn the exercise movements. This allows time for the joints, the muscles and the cardiovascular system to warm up before a short dynamic muscle stretch to reduce injury and improve rotation.

Power walk
- This incorporates low and high impact moves, changing swing directions to improve range of movement. Swing direction will be tailored to walking uphill and downhill as well as walking side way (if appropriate to you)

Flexibility and Stretch
- It will be built up gradually during the walk and more attention to this during the last part of the session too where the stretch brings the body back to its normal state in a controlled manner and prevents muscle stiffness.

How long will it take?
-45minutes to an hour

Where to meet?
-At Keith Kiosk at Epsom Downs Racecourse,Epsom, KT18 5LQ

How much will it cost?
-£4 as I am providing an exercise tool

NO DOGS to avoid distraction and £4 please?

To secure a place please call me on 0795 272 2220
Max group size is 22 at once
There is an opportunity to run 2 classes each day if the group size grows.
I will organise the time according to weather condition.

You will be expected to be well hydrated by Saturday and Sunday to allow the vibration to work better.

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