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Hiking in the Baltschieder Valley (Valais)

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This is one of the best hikes in Switzerland that I've been to (courtesy of the Swiss Trail Club). It's so good that I'd like to do it again with a few of you guys.

The trail follows for much of the hike along the historic waterways built by Swiss farmers in the 14th Century (which are now preserved by UNESCO). The scenery is very beautiful, and you'll be passing through an area of Switzerland that is home to rare plants and beautiful wildlife.

There are some places where the path is extremely close to the edge of the cliff. Those who are afraid of heights or are prone to dizziness may be effected by these areas; however, if you don't look to your left and don't look down you should be ok. The trail itself is easy to walk on. But you'll definitely get an adrenaline rush !

NO Rain: If there is any rain in the forecast the hike will not take place. The trails MUST be dry for this hike.

What to bring

1. sturdy hiking boots which give your foot and ankle stability

2. food for the day (07:40am to 19:00)

3. water bottle

4. A smile


Official Swiss Mountain Trail Description: (

Height Difference: 703m up and 707m down

Length: 15.0 km

Duration: 6 hours hike (depending on group pace), 30min lunch & 30min photo + water breaks



Zurich HB to Ausserberg, Dorf in the Wallis AND BACK

07:40 - 07:50 Meet under the angel with your ticket in hand

07:50 Group will move to the train


dep 08:02 Zürich HB - platform 17 (IC 812, Direction: Brig)

arr 10:02 Visp - platform 6

dep 10:08 Visp, Bahnhof Süd (BUS 307, Direction: Ausserberg, Dorf)

arr 10:28 Ausserberg, Dorf

10:30 – 16:25 6.0 hrs hike (depending on group pace), 30min lunch, 30min water breaks, 30min photo breaks & 30min time buffer



*dep 16:25 Ausserberg, Dorf (BUS 324, Direction: Visp, Bahnhof Süd)

arr 16:50 Visp, Bahnhof Süd

dep 16:57 Visp - platform 5 (IC 841, Direction: Romanshorn)

arr 18:58 Zürich HB - platform 8

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