Fallen Star [Basel D&D 5e One-Shot Series] Episode 5

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As you travelled in Daggerdale to the picturesque village of Daggerfall, you see a light falling into the nearby mountains. Two days later as you arrive in Daggerfall, you spend the night in the beautiful Inn Riverside, and at dinner, you overhear a conversation about a strange mist in the mountains: lost shepherds, strange blackbirds with four red eyes, and a raven-haired young girl with a dire warning for everybody who seeks to enter the mist.

Episode 5 from our Story. Everybody from round one or two are favored, but if a place is free, join.

• Please support us
This event is provided to you by SwissRPG. If you find value in what we do, please consider supporting us with a donation at the following link: https://rebi.me/swissrpg

• What to expect
This game is a D&D 5e one-shot intended for beginner and experienced D&D players. We will play the adventure over several hours all the way to its conclusion. As a one-shot series, players can join any one-shot in the series and are encouraged to join follow-up sessions to continue adventuring with the same characters but are not required to attend every session.

• Character Creation
Character creation will be handled prior to the game on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/zuDVj6t). Please link your Meetup and Discord profiles to gain access to the channel by going to the #hyperion channel and type "@hyperion link meetup".

• What to bring
Pencils, dice (if you don't have any, others can lend you some). As the venue is a cafe/bar, please do not bring any snacks and plan to order a few drinks.

• About the cost
ManaBar is charging for the use of their special RPG table. The price is discounted to SwissRPTG adventurers to CHF 4.- per player.

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.