Watch the Skies [Megagame]

GZ Oerlikon

Gubelstrasse 10 · Zürich

How to find us

Upstairs when you get in, then follow the signs.

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••• Early Bird price of 35.- ends on[masked], then normal price of 45.- •••

••• IMPORTANT: Your RSVP to the event on this page does not confirm your attendance. To complete your registration, please complete payment here: and please read the description of this event carefully •••

Watch the Skies - A megagame of diplomacy and alien encounter in the not-so-distant future designed by Jim Wallman.

In a world that is not so different to the one we live in today, strange occurrences have been reported around the world. But the rulers of the world know: unknown aliens are increasingly visiting earth to abduct, investigate, terrorise and ultimately subvert and take over, or perhaps render earth weak enough to invade.

•• Following the debut of the Megagames initiative with Den of Wolves in June, SwissRPG is happy to announce our next megagame. What is a megagame you ask? Read below and find out everything there is to know. ••

• What to expect
'Watch The Skies' is a megagame about international relations, conflict and high level diplomacy. It also involves mysterious and threatening aliens from outer space. Inspired by the XCOM videogames, the basic premise is about how humanity as a collection of political entities decides to react to the first contact with an advanced alien civilisation.

This game is a hybrid of board game, RPG and political simulation, with the majority of the players representing the scientists, diplomats, military leaders and politicians of the world's most influential nations, and a smaller group of players representing the aliens.

- Your RSVP to the event on this page does not confirm your attendance. To complete your registration, please proceed with payment here:
- You will receive a questionnaire a few weeks before the game date where we will ask about your interests and role preferences.
- There are 3 news media roles available with a reduced ticket price of CHF 20. If you are interested in playing this role, please contact the organisers here, on discord or at [masked].

• What is a megagame?
A megagame is a day-long immersive gaming event for a large number of players that mixes elements from board games and role playing games. They usually involve negotiations, operational mechanics, military combat, resource management and more. There’s really something for everyone, and we assign roles based on player preference on the aspects of the game they most enjoy. For more information, head to our discord ( ) to the #megagames channel and check the pinned messages.

• About the price
We are charging for this event to cover several expenses such as venue rental, equipment and licensing fees. We have calculated our budget carefully to ensure we provide the best value while remaining lean. Any unspent money will be reinvested into SwissRPG activities, including future megagames.

Please note our Early Bird price ends on the[masked], at which point the normal price of 45.- will be applied.

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