Quest for the Phal’ladaer [D&D 5e campaign] Session 12

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The location will be discussed in private channel on our Discord server.

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After the great war between elves and dwarves that ended three years ago, the middle-lands found themselves in both literal and political ruins. From these ruins rose the monarchy of the courageous queen, a woman who had fought at the front lines of the war with the dwarves against the elves. As the dwarves finally emerged victorious, they retreated back to Nuralgrad and left the middle-lands in her trusted hands. For three years, the courageous queen has been trying to restore law and order to the country but found that it has been damaged by the war by a great extent. Many good soldiers died during the war so criminals were much harder to keep in check, which brought about a rise in bandit groups and cartels. In her first year of sovereignty, to counteract the main reasons for escalation during the war, the queen established two major laws in the middle-lands:

1. No more racism!
2. No more public displays of magic!

Our protagonists quickly find their paths heavily intertwined with the fate of the country as they are thrown into political intrigue and deadly combats.


• Please support us
This event is provided to you free of charge by SwissRPG. If you find value in what we do, please consider supporting us with a donation at the following link:

• What to expect
This game is a D&D 5e long Campaign intended for beginner (you know the basics and can create your own character) and experienced D&D players. We will play weekly on Mondays and will start out with level 3 characters.

- Exploration: up to the players
- Social: Medium
- Combat: Medium
- Story/narrative: Up to the players
- Character-background-driven: High
- Openness(sandbox): Low

• Character Creation
Character creation will be handled prior to the game on our Discord server ( Please contact Nicky there right away and tell her that you are registered for this game.

• What to bring
- Pencils, dice (if you don't have any, others can lend you some)
- Snacks and drinks.
- Your character Sheet.

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast