Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus [D&D 5e Campaign] Session 12

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The holy city of Elturel has disappeared from the Forgotten Realms and descended into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. This event came about as the result of an infernal bargain between the archdevil Zariel, who rules Avernus, and the treacherous High Overseer of Elturel, Thavius Kreeg. Zariel is capturing cities and using their citizens as fodder in the ongoing conflict between demons and devils known as the Blood War. Next on Zariel’s list of cities is Elturel’s neighbor, Baldur’s Gate. The characters can be the heroes who descend into Avernus, save Elturel from certain destruction, and prevent a similar fate from befalling Baldur’s Gate.

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• What to expect
This game is an official D&D 5e campaign. I'd welcome experienced D&D players but also very fast learners to my table. We will play the adventure on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. In this session 0, we will discuss character creation, backstory, themes and anything necessary and maybe even start.

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• Important note
We have a lot of members who would like to join campaigns but very few that are running. For fairness of giving everyone a chance to play, please avoid registering to more than one campaign at a time. This rule would, however, no longer apply if there are still free spots available 3 days prior to the first session.

• What to bring
Pen, paper, dice, snacks, minis if you have some.

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