A Technical Leadership Career - 3 Questions

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We've debugged diversity, next we want to ask 3 questions about what a technical leadership career looks like.

Peter Chapman Director at EY will host the evening and introduce 3 speakers tackling 3 questions:

1 - Technical - How important is technical prowess / ability for a technical leader? How do you stay technical, do the best leaders still code? Should the best coder or developer be promoted to leadership role, and in any case how can someone stay technically viable with all the other demands??!

Speaker: Graeme Cooper

Graeme has done a series of CTO roles over the years in a variety of sectors. This has included large teams and distributed teams in large corporates, smaller businesses and start ups. Throughout this he has remained technically hands-on building on over 20 years in software.

2 - Leadership - What makes a good leader, what does good (effective?) leadership look like for a technical organization? Are there metrics? How can someone improve?

Speaker: Ken Dovey

Ken Dovey is the Director of the Master of Business in IT Management (MBITM) and its associated courses. He has over 30 years experience in academic roles in South African and Australian universities, leading to professorial appointments in the area of strategic leadership. He has consulted to a wide range of global businesses, governments and non-profit organizations since 1981; work that sees him engaged as a leadership coach to senior executives. He lectures regularly on executive education programs at business schools around the world. Ken teaches the subjects Leadership & People Management and Management Research Methods.

3 - Public persona - How important is it to be involved in the community? Is speaking / attending meetups or conferences helpful? Is blogging, involvement in Open Source, or anything that gets notices outside of your office good? Necessary? Or just a distraction from delivering the goods where you are?

Speaker: David Bolton

David has been programming since before he can remember, and moved straight from frequenting BBSs to trawling the web, so has been handling hyperlinks for a while too. He has a science degree and a business Masters. Professionally he has worked with large companies like News Corp, Telstra and Westfield, along with a bunch of unknown startups, as a programmer, team leader and manager and he's learnt something useful in each of these places and roles. He particularly loves building and working with teams and individuals, lean principles, and figuring out how to get great results for organisations.

We will have the above 3 x 20 minute talks then hold a panel discussion led by Paula Ngov. Paula will open up discussion and debate within the panel and invite questions from the audience. Paula is the Partnerships and Community Engagement Principal at DiUS Computing as well as co-founder of Flying Robot School and Co-Lead of Random Hacks of Kindness Sydney.