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Remote Teams - The People, Team and Technology Issues

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Remote Teams - The People, Team and Technology Issues

Its increasingly common that teams are distributed across multiple offices, in different countries, all working on the same product or project.

But how do you make this work well?
How do you ensure people feel connected, the collaboration tech works, and the lines of reporting are clear(ish)?

There are lots of ways to tackle this and issues we want to cover include:

• How do you effectively recruit?

• Should a company even use remote teams?

• Can you have teams that contain remote and co-located members, or does everyone need to be in one or the other to function?

• What collaboration tools do you use to keep some connection going?

We have 4 great speakers who will be talking for 12 minutes each. Whilst they may bring principles and suggestions, they do this from the experience of actually having done it (the good, the bad, the ugly!) - all these speakers have done this at scale.

This is followed by a panel discussion which will as ever be lively!

Look forward to seeing you there.


Peter Phillips - Vice President of Engineering at Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace. Peter is responsible for growing and leading the global engineering team and defining and executing the company's operating and technical direction and he oversees a global team of well over 150.

Justin Couch - Director of Software Engineering at BuildingIQ Pty Ltd

From leading diverse teams developing ISO specifications, to founding and running a distributed company focusing on Open Source Software, Justin has earnt more than his fair share of scars in building and running teams of remote people. When working in an office is considered a novelty by your staff, making remote groups work involve more than just an inbox and a copy of Skype. Sharing the good, bad and the ugly of running distributed individuals as a team will be the focus of Justin's talk.

Ted Tencza - Head of Technology and Design at

Ted was a senior development manager at Atlassian, then Director of Engineering at Big Commerce before moving to Finder.

Ted has sustained experience of leading geographically dispersed teams and growing successful high performing tech teams. Ted recently set up a team in the Philippines an a team in Poland and will be drawing on that experience in his talk

Adam Schuck - Co-founder at Dessert Labs

Adam headed Twitter's New York engineering team, and then came to Australia and has worked with Canva and others.

Adam has worked with many remote teams and will share his experience.

Code of Conduct:
We want our meet up to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you must defend your speech or actions with "it was only a joke", then that speech is not welcome.