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YOW! Perth Reprise

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YOW! Perth Reprise


Syd Tech Leaders member Andrew Harvey recently spoke at YOW! Perth on “Your Team as a Distributed System.” This month he’ll repeat his talk for us.

As we level up in technical roles, often we find ourselves thrust into team leadership and management. This sneaks up on us and we can be left without the skills to adequately understand, engage with and lead our teams. This inevitably has a negative effect on our teams and this effect is multiplied as you scale.

What if we could reach into our toolbox that we use to understand technical problems – software architecture and distributed systems theory – to help us understand our teams? Could we learn to better manage people through this metaphor? We will explore the dynamics of teams and how they map to our understanding of distributed systems. Using this understanding we can apply distributed systems theory to help unpick some of the dynamics of our teams and how to optimise them for scale.

From communication to culture, we will break down the components of our distributed system and see what makes it tick using things like CAP Theorem and the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Systems. You will walk away with some tools to help understand your team, and set yourself up for successful scaling.

Andrew Harvey
Andrew is the CTO in Residence for Microsoft for Startups in Sydney. He works with startups to help them scale their technology and their companies. Previously he was CTO at CancerAid & Zova, winning an Apple Design Award for Zova in 2016.

Also speaking will be our own Kris Howard, presenting her own talk from Yow Perth, Serverless in Production: Lessons from a Skeptic

Why just migrate your existing infrastructure to the Cloud when you can remove it entirely? Serverless computing is very much the new Shiny, and proponents argue that it allows companies to focus more on their users as well as the features and business logic that are important to them. Kris was a serverless skeptic who embarked on a project last year to convert an existing server-based application to run on AWS’s Lambda. She’ll share lessons learned from that project as well as general patterns, lessons, best practices, and pitfalls that are applicable to all serverless platforms. If your skepticism has been holding you back from implementing serverless in production, this talk aims to convert you!

Kris Howard
Kris Howard has been building and playing on the Internet for over twenty years. She leads a team of Solutions Architects at AWS in Sydney, and she speaks regularly at tech conferences in Australia and Asia. Her Instagram account is pretty much all selfies and food.

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11 York Street · Sydney, al
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