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Decentralised Exchanges and the Ethereum Protocol

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This month we are delighted to have two very interesting presentations from some prominent figures in the Ethereum community.

Luke Anderson is a PhD candidate and lecturer of information security at the University of Sydney. His thesis examines the manner in which blockchain peer-to-peer networks communicate and how differences in their design affect their operation.

Bok Khoo, also known as BokkyPooBah, is an Actuary, quantitative developer and Ethereum fanatic. Bok has been working with in the financial services industry since 1988, but now finds Ethereum a little too interesting.

The Ethereum Network Protocol
Luke will provide an overview of the Ethereum communications protocol, elaborating on how Ethereum nodes discover each other and establish ongoing communications. This mini-lecture will not require a technical background in computer science, however will still provide sufficient detail to those who possess such a background.

An Ethereum Decentralised Ether/Token Exchange
https://CryptoDerivatives.Market is a decentralised trustless ether/Ethereum ERC20 token exchange contract market. Market Makers use factory contracts to create their own trade contracts, load them up with tokens and/or ethers and the trade contracts are ready to trade. Market Takers interact with the best priced trade contracts to buy or sell tokens for ethers. The token and ether swap occurs atomically when the Taker sends tokens or ethers to the Maker's trade contract. There is no 15 minute waiting period for deposit confirmations, there is no exchange default risk, there is no KYC, and all transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.
The original trade contract was first designed by a mysterious JonnyLatte 10 months ago and has now undergone several cycles of improvements. There is a 220 ETH bug bounty kitty to encourage security reviews of the contracts.
BokkyPooBah will describe the simplicity of the system, the safeguards used to minimise the accidental loss of funds, and demonstrate how to be a Taker and/or a Maker.

Incent and the DEX
An early project with interest in the DEX has come from Incent, a Sydney based crypto loyalty startup. Incent were attracted to the concept of a DEX to provide liquidity, and to gain better price discovery for their token. To achieve access to the Ethereum token ecosystem we partnered with Bok to build a 'blockswap' application which allows users to move enabled digital assets between the Waves blockchain (where Incent is native) and the Ethereum blockchain. Peter will demonstrate how the DEX adds value to the Incent token.

The Ethereum Wiki Project
Bok will also discuss the reasons behind creating https://TheEthereum.Wiki, and hope you will use it and/or contribute to it.


• 6:00pm - Welcome and open mic

• 6:15pm - The Ethereum Protocol by Luke Anderson

• 7:00pm - Drinks & Pizza

• 7:30pm - An Ethereum Decentralised Ether/Token Exchange, and The Ethereum Wiki Project by BokkyPooBah

• 8:30pm - Open mic and wrap-up

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