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Durable functions and Tye!

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James C. and Richard B.


=== Durable functions with .NET -- Laurent Bugnion

Azure Functions are an exciting area of Microsoft Azure, helping developers to create backend services, APIs and other automated processes using the serverless concepts such as abstracted infrastructure, consumption model, micro-billing etc. Of course serverless functions also have some constraints such as taking a little longer to start, or timing out after a certain time.

Thankfully we also have solutions to that, and in this session Laurent Bugnion, a Cloud Advocate with Microsoft Azure, will talk to you about Durable Functions. We will see how they allow you to build interesting patterns such as chaining functions to avoid timeouts, fan-out/fan-in, or how to get status during a long running function.

The examples in this session will be shown in .NET Core and C#, but the principles also apply to other languages and frameworks supported by Azure Functions.

=== Tye -- Stafford Williams

Get started with containers, micro-services and distributed applications the easy way with Microsoft's Project Tye. In this session Stafford will show you what it takes to go from dotnet new to an application running in Kubernetes.
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