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Inaugural Sydney DBT meetup

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Peter H. and Simon A.


Thoughtworks have kindly invited us to host the inaugural Sydney DBT meetup at their offices.

🏠Venue Host: Thoughtworks
🍕Food and Beverage sponsor: Thoughtworks

🎤Peter Hanssens, Data Engineer
Getting up and running with DBT and other CI/CD considerations
In this talk, Peter will go through a couple of options of running DBT including Fargate, Google Cloud Build and how to deploy DBT docs to Netlify. But really you should probably just leverage DBT Cloud!

🎤Jose Galarza, Data Engineer, Canva
🎤Krishna Naidu, Data Engineer, Canva
Intro to DBT and using DBT for data warehouse loads
In this talk, Jose and Krishna will take us through why they have chosen DBT at Canva and how they are using it. They will also take us through how they used features from DBT/Snowflake to load data from our data lake.

🎤Dan Gooden, Data Lead, Airtasker
🎤Rifat Majumder, Analytics Engineer, Airtasker
From data engineer to analytics engineering
Join Dan Gooden and Rifat Majumder from Airtasker as they detail the journey from data engineering to the emerging analytics engineering discipline, made possible with tools like dbt. During the talk they’ll describe the role of the analytics engineer, share Airtasker’s dbt workflow and challenges, as well as covering a few tips and learnings.

See you all there and remember to bring along some awesome questions!

50 Carrington St · Sydney, NS
14 spots left