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Objective: Have fun while learning about Databricks and how it enables business value with advanced analytics.

Databricks is growing in popularity and is super flexible. Use cases include streaming, transformations at scale (thanks Spark), Machine Learning, batch processing and visualisations and heaps more. It's Spark as a Service and lets you focus on business value - not setting up and managing big data clusters.

Some talks we have planned:

• How to replace your data warehouse with Databricks in the modern data platform

• Databricks and Machine Learning - Making sense of the maze of options

• How to integrate ML Flow with Azure Machine Learning Studio or AWS Sagemaker

• Databricks and Snowflake - a match made in heaven?

• Tranformations at scale with Spark and Databricks

• Exploring data and data engineering with Databricks

Calling all data engineers, data scientists, data wranglers, python devs, Machine Learning enthusiasts, data analysts, BI devs, Spark devs, business analysts with an interest in data.

If you have something cool to chat about then let me know - it doesn't have to be a long talk or professional, just come and share your knowledge with like-minded nerds!

Upcoming events (1)

Databricks for dummies & Machine Learning engineering - lessons learnt

Agenda: 5:25 pm: Registration, Networking and Pizza 5:40 pm: Getting Started on Databricks Community Edition Machine Learning engineering with Databricks - lessons learnt 6:40 pm Q&A and Topics for future sessions 7:00 pm: Networking The first inaugural Sydney Databricks event will be a "Getting Started" overview of Databricks using the Community Edition (free clusters!) for those who are relatively new to Databricks. We'll look at some of the use-cases that Databricks solves and why it is surging in popularity in the data engineering world. We'll take a look at a real customer ML use-case and see how their challenges were solved using Databricks (demonstrating why it is the "unified analytics" platform). If we have time we'll also touch on Databricks role with MLOps using the Azure Machine Learning service and how to train and deploy your models at scale. Whatever we don't get through we can do at the next meetup Please note that the inaugural event will be at 5:30pm on Thursday, 7th of November. Please change your RSVP if you are unable to make it as there is limited space. Meetup Sponsors: Agile Analytics is a boutique consulting firm and a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics. At Agile Analytics, we consult, design and deliver innovative data analytics solutions using state-of-the-art Microsoft cloud technologies including Power BI. http://www.agile-analytics.com.au Data-Driven.AI is a data engineering and MLOps consultancy based in Sydney. We understand the challenges faced in Machine Learning projects and can help you overcome them using scalable solutions with elastic pricing based on Azure. https://data-driven.ai/

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