Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #44: Reflections on 2019 Good Design Awards

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Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month Ben Crothers will be sharing his reflections as one of the judges on the 2019 Good Design Awards.

Ben will showcase several of the award winners that bring out what's best about Australian design, and why they won. This will highlight contemporary design topics that affect us all. What is design actually doing to improve all of our lives? What are we doing to tackle the gnarly challenges? What are we doing to foster a circular economy and eliminate waste? Where does design ethics play in the rise of misinformation, echo chambers, AI and bots? Where are the marginalised design voices? And in all the digital sameness, have we forgotten to be curious and imaginative?

In this talk, Ben will also share some behind-the-scenes moments of method, magic and inspiration from this year's Good Design Awards. We hope this sparks interesting conversations and debates about which design entries resonated with you, and what you would pick as a winner.

Ben has been involved in design since before Netscape ruled the www, and in digital strategy for about the last 15 years. Ben is currently Principal Design Strategist at Atlassian, and spends a lot of his time teaching and coaching in design techniques, facilitating strategic workshops, and helping teams apply design thinking to frame problems better, and to be more creative. He is one of the minds behind the Atlassian Team Playbook, used by thousands of companies around the world.

Previous to Atlassian, Ben was a design director at Second Road (a strategic innovation consultancy), and ran several projects to help companies and government departments be more creative in solving complex problems for their customers and communities. Above all, Ben wants everyone to be just as good at the whiteboard as they are at the keyboard, to be better at thinking, communicating, and solving problems visually.

He regularly teaches sell-out classes at General Assembly and companies such as Channel Nine, Commonwealth Bank, ABC, Tobias & Tobias, and Fjord, to name a few. He's author of two books (Presto Sketching and Draw in 4!), and he bleeds whiteboard ink.

Ben also enjoys extreme sports like abstract painting and brewing beer.

You can find out more about Ben at:

Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.