• SydDT Meetup #55: 10 Steps to Lead Through Influence with Ken Sandy

    Ken Sandy, author of "The Influential Product Manager", has led technology product management teams for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an industry fellow and lecturer at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he pioneered and now teaches the first product management course offered in the engineering school. ​His work draws on leading teams at fast-growth, early-stage companies as well as at larger companies attempting digital transformation amid industry disruption. At all these companies, he consistently defined, launched, and managed award-winning web and mobile products that were loved by customers and used by millions across 60-plus countries. He now works as an executive consultant and active mentor and advisor for startup and scale-up companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and a regular speaker at leading product management conferences. Ken will share his 10 Steps to Lead Through Influence. Please join us, for what promises to be a great discussion. More on Ken Sandy here: https://influentialpm.com/ You can get a copy of his recently published, and incredibly useful book, "The Influential Product Manager" here: Paperback (28% off): https://amzn.to/31fhoIi eBook (40% off): http://bit.ly/influential40 EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments. ZOOM DETAILS https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/95502369117?pwd=RTlocGo4aU1aNTIzd2FIVVJQdVYydz09 Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode: fJ95?N

  • SydDT Meetup #54: Digital Innovation Supporting Indigenous Communities

    At our next meetup we will explore how: 1) design thinking and digital solutions are being employed to keep the vibrant history and cultures of indigenous peoples alive 2) as designers & entrepreneurs, we can all have an impact 3) you can scale your impact globally by being aware of the social innovation communities that exist globally; and 4) we can all collaborate and work towards building a better world We will be joined by Mark Macduffie, Sachi Wickramage, Mark Yettica-Paulson and Liz Skelton. All are recognised global leaders in leveraging digital solutions to support Indigenous Cultures and Communities. We hope their stories will inspire our community to make a difference as individuals or through their own organisations. THE AGENDA: 1) SYDNEY DESIGN THINKING TEAM - Introduction 2) MARK MACDUFFIE will share his experience transitioning from a safe corporate career to a NFP startup that has developed a globally scalable "Living First Languages Platform. The platform has the capacity to preserve, revitalise and teach language in Indigenous communities. Through it's potential to change the lives of over 370 million Indigenous peoples, in over 90 countries, the platform has been recognised by local and international awards, including: - 2020 Global Champions at the World Summit Awards - 2019 South by South West Interactive Innovation Award - 2019 Solve – MIT Challenge (Early Childhood Development category) 3) SACHI WICKRAMAGE will share his experiences and the positive impact he has seen social enterprises make during his time as a judge on the UN supported World Summit Awards 4) MARK YETTICA-PAULSON & LIZ SKELTON will share their journey creating the Deep Collaboration platform with First Nations and other multicultural Australians. The platform is used to share ideas, experiences and expertise with one goal in mind - to find a new way to work and lead together 5) INTERACTIVE BREAKOUT SESSIONS 6) CONVERSATIONS & QUESTIONS SPEAKER BIO'S MARK MACDUFFIE (https://www.linkedin.com/in/macduffie/) Mark is the CTO at The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation and a founder of Seed Collective, a Digital, Innovation and Coaching consultancy. Previously Mark had a lengthy corporate career as an expert in Digital and Analytics solutions. Mark is also a mentor on the UTS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program SACHI WICKRAMAGE (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sachiwickramage/) Sachi is a Product Design, Product Development & Product Management Consultant | HCI, UCD, UI/UX & CX Specialist. He is the CoFounder, COO & CPO at i4Tradies and is a Member of the Grand Jury for the World Summit Awards (WSA) where, within the framework of the United Nations, he helps select & promote the world’s best Disruptive Digital Innovation Technologies with Positive Impact on Society MARK YETTICA-PAULSON (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-yettica-paulson-6732a761/) Mark Yettica-Paulson is an Indigenous leader from the South East Queensland and North East NSW regions and is currently the Practice Lead for Deep Collaboration at Collaboration For impact. Mark brings decades of wisdom from his career in leadership development and community education across the corporate and government sectors. He has advised various corporations as well as founded or held senior positions in a number of community focused and leadership development organisations. LIZ SKELTON (https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-skelton-3160834/) Liz Skelton is committed to developing leadership for a more equitable and inclusive world. Liz Skelton is renowned globally for her work and expertise in Australia and the UK as a leader, thought-leader, capacity builder, consultant, author and facilitator of leadership for social and adaptive system change. She is the Co-founder and Director of Collaboration for Impact (CFI), Australia’s leading network for building capacity in collaboration for systemic change. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks again to ThoughtWorks our long standing event sponsor

  • SydDT Meetup #53: Inclusive Collaboration: Crafting a Healthy Three-legged Stool

    Let’s face it; including all the people in all the things is hard, especially if you are a larger organization. Many teams and individuals struggle with including others early and often with fear of slowing down a product being shipped to market or creating an atmosphere where decisions happen by committee. Don’t let scale or scope get in the way of including the right people in your project. We are excited to be able to bring an international flavour to our next meetup event. The next time we get together we will be joined by Daphne Bourne (from Sydney) and Jason Wishard (dialling in from the US) who will share their talk that will focus on: • Where inclusion happens in product teams and how it turns into influence; • What to watch out for in your own organisation so you can be an effective change agent; • What they learned through their own research and how to change behaviors through team operations. This session is for: • Anyone who runs a small to large team; • Wants to include the right people in their projects; • Is new to a company/team and wants to gain influence quickly and effectively; • Has struggled with leaving people out of decisions or includes too many people; • And, wants to understand ways to break behaviors and making organizational change. ABOUT THE SPEAKERS DAPHNE BOURNE https://www.linkedin.com/in/daphnekbourne/ As a dual American/Australian citizen Daphne's accent might fool you. Daphne is passionate about facilitating effective collaboration at the intersection of design, business and technology. Daphne has recently returned to Australia from the US where she worked as Design Practice Manager at Capital One where she helped design teams focus on solving real customer problems, while maintaining quality and customer-centric design rigor in a fast-paced digital delivery environment. Daphne coached design teams on everything from more effective ways of working with their partners in product and technology teams to implementing full-scale Agile transformations. Hailing from digital production, Daphne often finds herself drinking from the human-centered-design Kool-aid after 15 years of working in design and UX in Sydney Australia; both agency side and within large blue-chip companies such as Westpac Bank and Ferrier Hodgson. Daphne is now proud to be a contributing member of the UX and budding DesignOps communities in both Sydney, Australia and New York City. JASON WISHARD https://www.linkedin.com/in/periodicdesign/ Jason Wishard is Sr. Director of Design Strategy and Operations for Experience Design at Capital One, where he has been building design culture, growing the design practice and managing a design portfolio of over 575 designers. Jason has a varied background in user experience, front-end development, and operations going back to when Pets.com was a thing. Jason's professional background extends across different sectors, including consulting, start-ups and in-house design staff. He’s worked with such organizations as AARP, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cisco, K12, Marriott, Marshfield Clinic, US News & World Report, Yahoo and many other organizations. In his spare time, he enjoys DIY home projects, tinkering with radio-controlled cars/drones and making his kids laugh. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us

  • SydDT Meetup #52: The Art of Play

    Online event

    Do you ever feel that life just gets too serious? If so you need to join us at our next meetup where we will explore the concept of PLAY and its importance in shaping us as individuals, as teams and communities. We are excited to have Natalia Krysiak and James Zhang, two experts in the art of play, take us on a journey of how PLAY (or the absence of it) can shape us as human beings. We will talk about the importance of play in creating supporting workplaces and in enabling people to be curious and creative. All of which are critical to being able to think outside the box so we can design and build the most innovative and impactful solutions. This virtual event will be interactive and playful. We have set the agenda so you can remain engaged and entertained while also providing opportunities for reflection on how you can adopt a more playful approach in work and life and drive your own growth and fulfillment. OUR SPEAKERS: Natalia Krysiak https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalia-krysiak-9b72a354/ A practicing architect at Hayball in Sydney and the founder of ‘Cities for Play’, Natalia Krysiak specialises in the design of child-oriented environments. Natalia is a passionate advocate for playful cities and spaces, engaging in placemaking and research initiatives around the world. In 2019 Natalia was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and traveled the world to investigate and contribute to the global best practice for designing child-friendly neighbourhoods. Her research explores how we can create more playful and child-friendly urban environments. James Zhang https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-zhang-syd/ James devotes himself to helping and inspiring others to live a full life through unconditional love. James guarantees that every interaction you will have with him will be authentic, meaningful and FUN (so feel free to reach out for a chat if you like!) James feels blessed and grateful for being able to live his passion for helping people every day and for the many people who believed and invested in him is his life. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us in our virtual Zoom meeting room. Join Zoom Meeting https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/91266878683 Meeting ID:[masked]

  • SydDT Meetup #51: Why nobody wants what's good for them

    Online event

    Please join us for some stimulating talks about Product Discovery and Design with Matt Travers and Meaghan Waters. Matt Travers will be talking about the nebulous process of Product Discovery: how to apply structure so you can deliver sooner, with more confidence. Meaghan's talk on Behavioural Economics explores a number of human behaviours that challenge our rational and objective approach to product design. Matt and Meaghan are both Product Managers at ThoughtWorks, with extensive experience in Customer Strategy. Meaghan Waters, Product Innovation Principal ThoughtWorks Meaghan has extensive experience in experience and product design. Her passion is to look at the whole ecosystem of any problem or opportunity to identify possible solutions to test and explore within the market and the organisation. All of which is dependant on creating a shared understanding of both the landscape and the possibilities with her clients. Leaving it at that however is not satisfying for Meaghan, the real excitement is bringing it to fruition, having the tangible product in people’s hands. She’s explored opportunities and delivered systems for some of Australia’s largest organisations predominantly in the domains of finance and business management with detours via retail, utilities and health. Matt Travers, Product Innovation Principal ThoughtWorks Matt is an internationally-experienced product executive with more than 20 years in digital businesses at start-up, growth and enterprise stages. He has built and managed products with millions of daily users which generate hundreds of millions in annual revenue. As a leader, he has led product and marketing organisations of up to 65 people with eight-figure budgets. Matt is passionate about the alchemy of process, culture, talent, strategy and measurement that turns traditional organisations into product-led, world-beating digital businesses. His digital career has taken him to Berlin, London, Brussels and Sydney and he is now happy to be back home in Melbourne. This is a Zoom meeting: Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked]

  • SydDT Meetup #50 & 5th Birthday: Neuroscience & Mindset

    Online event

    Can you believe it... it's our 5th birthday - and because we skipped a couple of months it also happens to be our 50th meetup! Please join us for this ONLINE EVENT to celebrate and explore the theme of neuroscience & mindset. While it will be online, we're looking to make it very interactive with networking. We have two awesome speakers who will introduce some core concepts before we jump into some breakout rooms to deep dive on some subtopics - or just hang out for a chat. This link should get you into tonight's ONLINE EVENT: https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/93854814102?pwd=NHZsTjZqQi8wcWFBaEtEYUU4cGxodz09 Breakouts include: • Mindset activity with Poppy Rouse • Building Resilience with Lucas Mara • Behavioural economics with Sam Ezra • Networking & random chat with Ben Pecotich SHELLEY CHARNLEY-LASLETT - CEO & CO-FOUNDER OF VITAE Shelley is the CEO and Co-founder of Vitae - a startup that takes neuroscience out of the lab and into life to help people grow themselves and their businesses. Using the latest neuroscience, Vitae helps businesses improve performance by empowering people, teams and leaders with practical neurological knowledge, tailored learning programs, brain based coaching and advisory services. Shelley is a social scientist, neuroscience coach and PG Neuroscientist currently completing her Masters in Applied Neuroscience at King’s College London. Shelley is also a startup advisor, startup mentor, startup board member, and international speaker. Previously, Shelley was the General Manager of YBF Ventures - a startup incubator and VC fund. Prior to entering the startup world, Shelley was an international strategy and innovation consultant with Accenture UK. POPPY ROUSE - STRATEGIC DESIGN PRINCIPAL AT DYNAMIC4 Poppy is a design thinking practitioner, facilitator, and strategic consultant who is passionate about unleashing potential in the clients she works with. Following an international career spanning marketing, communications, capability, and innovation leadership roles, she now works with leaders across corporate, government, and social impact sectors to solve problems that matter. During her time in the Innovation Lab at CBA, Poppy and her team became interested in why some people were more open to learning and practising design thinking than others. They came across Mindset theory, realised the importance of harnessing a growth mindset for innovation.

  • SydDT Meetup #49: Women in Design



    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. Our March meetup theme is Women in Design in line with 2020 International Women's Day: An Equal World is an Enabled World. SAM EZRA - SENIOR BUSINESS DESIGNER AT TELSTRA Sam is a bit of a nerd who tells bad jokes and has a extreme case of wanderlust! She currently works as Senior Business Designer for Telstra where she uses design methodologies to create more simple and engaging experiences that cater to the company’s diverse customer base. She previously introduced design thinking and innovation capabilities at Citibank Australia and prior to that has had a long history in telecommunications working for both Apple and Motorola. She is passionate about combining positive psychology with design and believes that human focused capabilities are imperative to the growth of organisations. Tell her a dad joke and she’ll be your best friend. KATJA FORBES - MANAGING DIRECTOR, AUSTRALIA & NZ AT DESIGNIT Katja is an Australian pioneer in the field of experience design and all of its components – research, emerging technology as well as service design, customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). She's the Managing Director of Designit, Australia & New Zealand, a strategic design firm and also proud to be an International Director on the Global Board of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Katja is also a published contributing author, and regular national media commentator for her industry. One of Katja’s personal motivations is to inspire other women to reach toward their definition of professional success. She was recognised as one of the Top 10 Australian Women Entrepreneurs 2018 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and named one of the 100 Women of Influence by Westpac and the Australian Financial Review in 2016. MARY-CLAIRE MONSALVE - PRODUCT DESIGN MANAGER & CHILDREN’S GROUP PRODUCT STRATEGY MANAGER AT ABC From finance and insurance to now the ABC, Mary-Claire, or MC as she is better known, is a Design Leader who has been leading teams of awesome people, solving problems of all shapes and sizes and complexities over the past 8 years. MC is here today to talk through her personal experience - the wins, the fails, and the key lessons she learnt along the way. JODIE MOULE - PRINCIPAL AT BEHAVJOR Starting life as a psychologist, with a specialisation in human factors and organisational psychology, Jodie abandoned psych testing and assessment centres - and moved into the tech space when the dot.com boom was on, 25 years ago. In her career, Jodie founded and sold Australia’s largest UX Consultancy [Symplicit]. Once sold, she remained as CEO and sat on the board of Directors for the ASX listed company that purchased them, until she finished up in 2018, following the 3 year earn-out process. In the years whilst she built Symplicit, Jodie also wrote “Killer UX Design” [by Sitepoint], and launched the globally successful, and much awarded iPad app, ‘Cook’. The Cook app is a social network for creating and sharing recipes globally - has been downloaded 1.5m times to-date, and has 800k recipes contributed - from avid cook’s in just about every country you can imagine. Nowadays, Jodie now sits as a non-executive director on the Factor 5 board [curriculum software startup], and also consults to a number of large corporate organisations on their customer experience strategy, service design, team training and customer transformation efforts. Social Media Links for Jodie: @jodiemoule @thecookapp @behavjor_design EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • SydDT Meetup #48: Innovator’s Playbook



    Please join us in some thought provoking conversations with people interested in design thinking and innovation and work with us to further the design capability in the Sydney community. At our next meetup, Nathan Baird will be joining us to explore how we can unlock the creativity in individuals, teams and workshops to generate fresh breakthrough ideas. Ideas are the currency of any customer experience, innovation or design program, yet most organisations aren’t purposely set up to encourage creativity to flourish. In fact, often they the way they are set up has the opposite effect and kills creativity. In this interactive and experiential talk Nathan exposes the 5 blockers of individual, team and organisational creativity and how to overcome them to unleash everyone’s creativity, even those without a so called creative bone in their body. Following Nathan's talk we will have an opportunity to speak with Nathan in a fireside chat to explore the content of his new book, the "Innovators' Playbook" and gain some insights on what motivates him and why he decided to write the book. We are planning for this to be a very interactive and conversational session as Nathan shares his stories from the Innovation trenches and also provides us with some hands on experience of some of the various methods and tools that he has picked up and utilised over the years. SPEAKER PROFILE - NATHAN BAIRD Nathan is an internationally experienced author, speaker and innovation consultant living in Sydney, Australia. He is one of the world’s leading Design Thinking practitioners, having practiced and taught it since before it was called Design Thinking. He was previously a Partner of Design Thinking for global management consultancy KPMG, where he established and led KPMG’s Human Centred Design practice. He has run 100s of innovation projects, 1000s of workshops and spent tens of thousands of hours leading and training innovation across most industries and continents with global giants and market-leading organisations like the Australian Institute of Sport, Bausch & Lomb, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Diageo, Les Mills, Siemens and Unilever, as well as many small-medium enterprises, startups, not-for-profits and government. He is super passionate about democratising innovation while balancing the need to maintain rigorous standards of teaching and practice to enable all individuals, teams, organisations and countries to prosper and flourish through design-led innovation. In his 20 years of experience in business Nathan has worked both client side and consultancy side, as well as running his own company. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #47: Design MegaMeetup 2019 Festive Drinks

    We've teamed up with a bunch of other Sydney design meetups to put on Design MegaMeetup 2019 Festive Drinks! More details coming soon... WE ARE NOT TAKING RSVPS ON THIS PAGE. PLEASE GO TO: http://bit.ly/festive-megameetup-2019 Please go to the booking page (http://bit.ly/festive-megameetup-2019) for details and to buy your ticket. There's a small ticket price of $8 (+ booking fee) to stock the fridge and get some food organised. Tickets on sale from 10am Tuesday, 19 November. The meetup groups hosting are: • Enterprise UX Sydney • IxDA Sydney • Sydney Design Thinking • UX Book Club SPONSORS Thanks to our generous sponsors • Blueegg • Designit • Ian Muir • Mobile Experience • The Onset • UX Australia VENUE SPONSOR Tank Stream Labs are hosting us at their space in the Sydney Startup Hub on Level 8, 11 York St, Sydney.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #46: Jared Spool - A New UX Design Resolution

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. We're extremely honoured to have the world renowned Jared Spool talking to us about A New UX Design Resolution. Pull back to an organisation level, working to connect applications and other services together. Design Works on Many Levels Looking at design through different levels of resolution helps us answer some important questions. Is there a difference between UX and UI, and if so, how does that change how teams should operate? What is the relationship between product design and service design? How do we start preparing for what comes next? An alternative is a well-designed process for creating your designs. The secret sauce in that well-designed process is a realisation and inclusiveness of everyone on the team. It’s infused with an understanding of how people contribute to the design process, even when they aren’t trained in design skills. And it opens up opportunities to give everyone—not just your trained designers—the superpowers necessary to rid your products and services of bad design. This talk will inspire you and your team to: • Avoid the dangerous trap of thinking too narrowly about your career • Understand the relationship between pioneers, settlers, and town planners, when it comes to design craft. JARED SPOOL - FOUNDER OF USER INTERFACE ENGINEERING (UIE) Jared is the founder of User Interface Engineering (UIE), the largest usability research organisation of its kind in the world. If you’ve ever seen Jared speak about usability, you know that he’s probably the most effective and knowledgeable communicator on the subject today. He’s been working in the field of usability and design since 1978, before the term “usability” was ever associated with computers EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.