• Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #40: Journeys into Design Thinking

    This month is our 4th birthday and 40th meetup! The SydDT organising team will be sharing our stories of how we got into design thinking - highlighting very diverse backgrounds, how design thinking principles applied in those backgrounds, and how we apply them now. As the audience, you'll then reflect on your own journey to see how you've applied design thinking principles and stitch it together to tell your own story! We'll have five lightning talks, a quick panel, and then an interactive workshop where you'll explore your own journey. SPEAKERS/PANELISTS/FACILITATORS Here's a teaser of our bios... we'll share more about our crazy back stories on the night! BEN PECOTICH - DESIGN & INNOVATION DIRECTOR AT DYNAMIC4 Ben is a designer, innovation coach, and social enterprise/startup founder. He collaborates with people to design and build ideas for happier communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable. 26 years focused on designing and leading strategic change in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe - combining strategy, design, technology, consulting, and program management. This includes 26 years in financial services and 25 years working on startups and social enterprises. ZOE ROSEN - UX/CX RESEARCH LEAD AT UBANK Zoe's background originated in cultural and behavioural anthropology which enabled her to work on projects globally with a range of clients. Highlights include work with National Geographic and Wits University SA, Cochlear Medical Devices, broadcasters, domain providers and a string of financial companies. Currently establishing UX research practice and Design Thinking across UBank, coaching the UX team in various techniques and methodologies. DR KINGSLEY JONES - FOUNDING PARTNER/CIO AT JEVONS GLOBAL Kingsley runs a global investment firm. He has been: Portfolio Manager for the Macquarie Global Thematic Fund; Global Head of Quantitative Trading Research and a member of the Australian Value team at AllianceBernstein LP; head of Quantitative Research at CFSB in Sydney; and a Quantitative Analyst at County Investment Management. Kingsley holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Bristol (1990), and a BSc (hons) from ANU (1984), a CFA and is affiliate member of the MTA. He is a commentator on CNBC and developed the cost-basis theory of market sentiment. KATE LINTON - HEAD OF DESIGN AT THOUGHTWORKS Kate has extensive experience in digital design, usability and branding. She works with product and marketing teams to create customer experiences that are efficient, effective and satisfying to use. She believes that establishing trust with customers begins with empathy and understanding their experiences. She takes an agile approach to design, research and testing. She is a coach and mentor to designers and works with product teams to envision better digital products and services. LUCAS MARA - EXECUTIVE PROGRAM MANAGER AT COMMONWEALTH BANK Bio will be here soon! EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #39: Designing for Wellbeing

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month Laura Ryan from Mentally Friendly, Kietah Martens-Shaw from B.OKideas, and Kristina Freeman from Grow Your Mind will be sharing their experience designing for wellbeing. LAURA RYAN STRATEGY DIRECTOR, MENTALLY FRIENDLY (https://mentallyfriendly.com) Design principles for the wellbeing economy. Around the world, there’s growing focus on how to improve a country’s well-being through the sustainable growth and distribution of financial, social, human, and environmental capital. How might we create an economy that has wellbeing outcomes and is sustainable, but still generates the resources we need to address the challenges we face? Design is an empathetic pursuit, but does an empathetic process alone deliver the wellbeing outcomes we strive to achieve? Is it enough to be empathetic in process alone? As designers, how might we play our part in the wellbeing economy and what principles should guide our design? Laura has spent the last 12 years collaborating with businesses to design considered and scalable products and services that improve wellbeing. Most recently, Laura has worked with financial institutions to help their customers gain clarity of thought around their finances, and lay the groundwork for positive behaviour change. KIETAH MARTENS-SHAW CEO & FOUNDER, B.OKIDEAS (https://bokideas.com) Kietah will be sharing how she has created a balanced life, inspired by hardship. She takes the time to share her journey through mental health challenges, what her life looks like today and how she wouldn’t change a thing. We all have people in our personal and professional lives that we strive to congratulate, thank, support and show appreciation too. Kietah’s will share her secrets on supporting others in practical and long term ways. Kietah lives for connectedness; a people person at heart, Kietah found her true calling when she started B.OKideas working with individuals and businesses to bridge the gap between a supporter and supportee and bring people together. After a change in health and a 4 year challenge to recovery Kietah now sees life through a different lens; everyday is a chance to help educate people around mental wellbeing, positive change and how to support others to embrace personal and professional change. KRISTINA FREEMAN CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR OF PARTNERSHIPS & COMMUNITY, GROW YOUR MIND (https://growyourmind.life) Grow Your Mind is a certified B Corp that educates children, their families and school communities about the importance of taking care of their mental health and empowers them with playful ways they can do this. Founders Alice Peel (a primary school teacher) and Kristina Freeman have created kits and resources based on the latest positive psychology and mindfulness research. Their kits and resources teach children (focused on ages of 3-12) the basics of their brain and help them develop emotional regulation skills, emotional literacy and teach them about the qualities that are essential for good mental health and building resilience: compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and optimism. Kristina will share the story of designing Grow Your Mind and how it aims to inspire children, their teachers, schools and families to practice the qualities that can help us flourish through life’s ups and downs. Kristina Freeman, is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a particular passion for paediatric health and emotional wellbeing. A mother of two, Kristina experienced first hand the increasing mental health challenges many younger Australians face and felt inspired to develop ways to support her family, her patients, and the wider community. Kristina is also an experienced performing artist. She spent 7 years as a core member of Bodyweather dance company, De Quincey Company. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #38: Empathy in Design Research

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month Sarah Stokes will be talking about defining empathy and its role in design research. Empathy is one of those over-used words, particularly in design, it’s almost lost its meaning. By taking a research approach, this talk aims to define empathy, it’s meaning and purpose in the context of design research. It will leave the audience with tangible examples of applying empathy in the world of design research and sharing it within organisations. SARAH STOKES STRATEGIC DESIGN PRINCIPAL & COACH, WESTPAC With 20 years’ experience in human-centred digital design, Sarah Stokes currently manages teams for research-led transformational initiatives at Westpac. From a start in archaeology, Sarah has sought to understand and bring humanity into her work. As a recent business coaching masters graduate, the subject of empathy has taken on a deeper meaning and raised some questions, what is it and how do we do it? EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #37: Designing Hyper-Personalised Experiences

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month Nathan Musson will be talking about designing experiences with hyper-personalisation and augmented intelligence. There have always been good storytellers; the ones who can read their audience and give them what they need. You know it when you are fully engaged, hanging on every word, shocked by the twist you didn’t see coming, and fall for the lovable rogue. It happens in cinema all the time, why? Because we let ourselves fall under the spell of movie magic. Great advertisers and marketers know their message, channels and media to broadcast to. But our walls go up faster (some don’t ever come down) and our thumbs swipe to the next insta moment in seconds. Nathan will share how to design and create hyper personalised experiences. Think of it like a ‘choose your own adventure’ for your clients, guests, fans, students, and patients. Storytelling based on personality, behaviour, and intent delivered at mass scale. We’ll step through and workshop a B2B, B2C and H2H (human) experience. Showing why & how we use a mix of traditional and machine learning (Ai) techniques wrapped in design thinking. Also what didn’t work and why. And if time... Look at the ethics of intent - Persuasion or Manipulation It’s going to be a live one. NATHAN MUSSON When you stop and say "that was awesome, thank you." I know we’ve delivered on our promise of designing hyper-personalisation & creating amazing experiences just for you. Since the naughties, Nathan has loved all things digital – the freedom and the constraints of designing, creating, and delivering personal experiences. He cut his teeth in high-end retail and design. Moved online working in both public and private companies, setup his own businesses and been a founder of three startups. Nathan has designed and delivered experiences for events, tourism & hospitality, elite & world champion athletes, fashion icons, and his favourite toy brand. Now working with the world’s oldest tech company (IBM) and the most creative (Adobe) to transform the way we communicate and engage. Using a mix of traditional and machine learning (Ai) techniques to design and create programmatic storytelling based on personality, behaviour, and intent delivered at mass scale. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #36: Psychology of Waiting

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month we're exploring the psychology of waiting... PSYCHOLOGY OF WAITING Benjamin Franklin should have said that there are 3 sure things in life, death, taxes and waiting. It is fair to say that in business the better your waiting experience, the better your service. In this presentation, we will uncover the psychology of waiting and show you some examples of some awesome experiences across multiple channels, face to face, telephone and online. We will also give you real life data from our recent case studies with government, business and retail that highlight how the smallest changes can uncover huge benefits. We would recommend this for anyone who is responsible for increasing satisfaction in any channel where people have to wait. We also promise you, after this presentation you will never wait in line the same way again. FREYA ELLIOTT Freya Elliott heads up Customer Centric Culture Change at CEC. Their culture change approach focuses on people, their behaviours, beliefs and motivations. CEC is leading the application of Design Thinking tools for culture change in the Australian marketplace. CEC has worked with a number of government and financial organisations to successfully shift their organisational cultures toward customer centricity. CEC believe that developing a true customer-centric culture is the single largest challenge in any organisation’s customer transformation programme. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #35: 2018 Festive Drinks with IxDA

    General Assembly Sydney

    A last minute decision to put on some drinks to celebrate the year that has been. We've teamed up with IxDA Sydney to bring our communities together... a great opportunity to mix it up with your old friends and meet some new ones. Cross-pollinating to build an even stronger Sydney design community! General Assembly will be hosting us. Please go to this page to RSVP and buy your ticket. http://bit.ly/syddt-2018-12 There’s a small ticket price of $8 to help stock the fridge, decorate, and get some food organised. **IxDA Sydney** Since 2011, the Sydney chapter of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) has been an active group in the Sydney design community, bringing international and local speakers, workshops, a mentoring program and several one offs to the city, mostly as free events. This past year they showcased Genevieve Bell, Steve Portigal, Lauren Currie, Alan Cooper as well as locals like, Gary Barber, Krystal Higgins, Elle Geraghty and Karina Smith. Join the mailing list at: ixdasydney.org/about and follow them on @ixda_sydney OUR EVENT SPONSORS General Assembly are hosting the festivities on level 2 of their Market Street campus, and if weather permits, the rooftop as well. We also have three very generous sponsors, with The Onset, Syfte, and UX Australia supporting the celebrations.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #34 - I have an Idea!!!!

    I HAVE A KILLER IDEA!!! So you have empathised with your customer. You have heard their problems and understand deeply how it impacts them and how it makes them feel, think and act. More importantly the insights you have discovered have lead you and your team to develop a killer idea that will solve all their problems. But your idea is going nowhere! Why doesn't anyone else see the value in my idea? It solves our customer's problems and it is good for the business! Arrgh this is so frustating - I just want to.....! Have you or anyone you know been in this situation? If you are intrigued as to why some ideas get wings and others do not see the light of day or if you want to obtain some tips on how you might be able to better influence the decision makers in your organisation or your investors then please join us as Tarra van Amerongen shares some of her experience in getting ideas off the ground. OUR SPEAKER - TARRA VAN AMERONGEN Tarra is a true intraprener, advising business leaders how to embed innovation in their business. She has more than a decade of experience advising companies on their transformation journey, playing in the unique intersection between design, technology and strategy. Tarra has worked on a range of engagements from large scale digital transformation programs, enterprise-wide design thinking capability rollout, and innovation lab set-up. Her capabilities include managing diverse and creative teams, thought leadership, product and service development, project delivery, C-suite advisory and adult learning. Tarra holds a double bachelor of business administration, in entrepreneurship and international business, and Executive Education Diplomas in Design Thinking and Experimentation from the University of Technology in Sydney. Twice an expat, Tarra has worked on complex projects bridging regional and cultural divides across North America, Europe and Australia. OUR EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments. Please note their new office location above Wynyard Station at Level 10, 50 Carrington Street.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #33: Design Thinking in Social Enterprises

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month we're talking about design thinking in social enterprises. We'll have a couple of speakers followed by a panel. MEET THE SPEAKERS/PANEL **Julia Suh - Director of Small Shift** Julia is a leading voice in citizen-led urbanism, and specialises in applying human-centred design as a tool for social change and advocacy. Julia’s purpose is to support people to build a sense of belonging to their local places and community; and create a new kind of city-making narrative — one that includes people on the margin. Julia has taught and practiced architecture, placemaking and urban design in New York, Auckland, Hanoi and Sydney, building an extensive knowledge of various communities; and urban spaces that support or neglect them. In 2017, Julia was awarded Westpac Social Change Fellowship and has been backed by Westpac Bicentennial Foundation. Is top-down urban development killing our spirit, our innate ability to self-organise and improve our own lives and places? Julia spent her formative years in a 5,500-unit masterplanned ‘village’ in Seoul, seen neighbourliness shine in post-earthquake Christchurch, and worked with incredibly talented people who are experiencing homelessness and isolation in Sydney. To build community resilience, social trust and employment pathways, her bottom-up social enterprise Small Shift supports locals to reimagine and create public spaces together. Learn more about how she is taking the Small Shift model to disadvantaged areas, and contribute your thoughts on how we can create inclusive communities. **Bronte Hogarth - Founder of Raise The Bar** Bronte Hogarth is a social entrepreneur from Sydney. In 2017, she started Raise The Bar which diverts used coffee grounds from landfill by turning them into natural skincare products. Bronte recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch Raise The Bar and was one of the Foundation For Young Australian's Young Social Pioneers in 2017. Bronte will share some of her journey with starting Raise The Bar. **Kath Hamilton - Founder of loop+** Kath has 15+ years experience as a digital executive leading product, engineering, business development and marketing. Her extensive experience with blue-chip corporates such as Yahoo!7, News Corp, Telstra and Westfield now combines with her passion to build products that can radically improve the lives of others. loop+ was conceived to support the functional recovery of her nephew who sustained a spinal cord injury at birth. loop+ is an activity tracker for wheelchair users that monitors health risks in everyday life. The platform is comprised of a sensor pad which remains in the wheelchair connected to a mobile app and dashboard for remote clinical monitoring. For the first time, wheelchair users who either can’t feel their lower limbs or are non-verbal and unable to communicate their discomfort, have a way to visualise what’s going on with their body. Remote monitoring supports early detection and intervention of pressure wounds, respiratory issues and scoliosis. **Ben Pecotich - Founder/Design & Innovation Director of Dynamic4** Ben is a designer, innovation coach, and social enterprise founder. In addition to Dynamic4, he's the CTO & co-founder of Better Goals (http://bettergoals.com.au), a social enterprise helping people with intellectual disability develop more independence. He's also a founder of the Sydney Design Thinking meetup. Dynamic4 (https://dynamic4.com) is a purpose-driven design & innovation company, and certified B Corp. They collaborate with people to design and build ideas for happier communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable. Jetpack for Changemakers (https://dynamic4.com/jetpack) is Dynamic4's coaching/incubator program for early stage social enterprises. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #32: Designing for Blockchain

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. We've changed the date of our September meetup to align with the Innova8rs conference (http://innov8rs.co/sydney) - a global community and conference for corporate innovators. The 3-day conference is on 25-27 September. Join the SydDT Linkedin group for more info and a special 50% discount for our community! This month we're talking about designing for blockchain. We'll have a couple of short talks to introduce some key blockchain concepts, and set a series of design challenges with some key insights and considerations. It will then be an interactive session/workshop to respond to the challenges. MEET THE SPEAKERS/FACILITATORS **Louise Mercer** Louise Mercer is the Head of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for Everledger, a global enterprise that tracks the provenance of high-value assets on a digital global ledger. Trained in translating disruption and strategic risks into opportunities for innovation, she has held senior roles with Australia’s largest general insurers Suncorp and IAG, designing, facilitating and delivering the strategy for the strategic renewal of existing business models. She holds MBA and Commerce degrees and has held Directorship and strategic advisor roles with multiple not-for-profits and social enterprises, including her own business ventures. **Hugh Adamson** Hugh is Design Lead in NSW for FromHereOn and is an experienced enterprise designer with over 10 years leveraging human centred design techniques to deliver business outcomes. Hugh’s ability to lead service design and customer insights teams is proven with multi-national telco’s, national insurance, large aged care, and humanitarian clients. Hugh has held key roles in the start up and growth phases of businesses across health care, architecture + urban design and the contemporary arts, and often as part of the founding team. Hugh has also held roles on NFP and social enterprise boards. As consulting lead for a tier one insurance consortium, Hugh recently completed an engagement to investigate the sector benefits and customer experience of a blockchain enabled insurance ecosystem. **Katrina Donaghy** Katrina is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Civic Ledger – a civic focused blockchain Australian company. We work with governments globally on the use of blockchain technologies to solve specific business problems where blockchain is advantaged over traditional legacy technologies. Through her early years as a sociologist through to her interest in entrepreneurialism, she has extensive experience in public policy and early stage commercialisation. For more than 20 years, Katrina has worked in both public and not for profit sectors with a specific focus on business development, project delivery and revenue diversification with the view to building resilient and sustainable organisations. In Australia, she organises the Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup and regularly speaks on the topic of why cities and governments should be exploring blockchain technologies. Katrina's interest in blockchain technologies is driven by her curiosity of its potential to replace government legacy systems to deliver efficiencies, stimulate innovation and build digital societies. In mid-April 2018, Katrina was appointed to the Australian Digital Commerce Association Board. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments. Please note their new office location above Wynyard Station at Level 10, 50 Carrington Street.

  • Sydney Design Thinking Meetup #31: Nature & Learning in Built Environments

    Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month we have three great speakers talking about biophilic design and reimagining learning environments. THE TALKS **Biophilic Design - Caroline Pidcock** Biophilia is ‘love of life’ (bio equals life, philia equals love) and biophilic design is about creating places that enable people to have meaningful and multi-sensory connections with nature. By starting projects with a biophilic design workshop, it is possible to engage all stakeholders and team members in a creative and empowering way. This helps identify ideas and approaches for shaping the design, to make the places we create the best they can be for everyone involved on many meaningful and sensory levels. **Play: the Key to Resilience and Reimagined Learning Environments - Fiona Young & Natalia Krysiak** This presentation will delve into the critical question of reimagining learning environments which promote playfulness - not just in the classroom but throughout entire cities. The presenters will question the notion of a learning environment bound by the classroom, and propose ideas of playful learning which naturally weave into the design and planning of cities. The content will synthesize the importance of learning, environment, activity and landscape in encouraging ‘playful’ learners for life. MEET OUR SPEAKERS **Caroline Pidcock** Caroline Pidcock was born in Grafton and raised in Sydney, and has been shaped by their mighty water systems. She is passionate about the importance of architecture and integrated design, and how they can contribute to a “culturally rich, socially just and ecologically restorative” future. Her genuine interest and experience in sustainable built environments has been developed and enhanced through her involvement in a diverse range of professional, academic and community commitments. In 2014, Caroline was recognised by the International Living Future Institute as a Living Building Hero and in 2011 was awarded the Marian Mahony Griffin Award in recognition of her contribution to architecture in NSW. After 25 years of running her own practice, Caroline is transitioning to another way of working to that she can focus on how to strategically accelerate the uptake of sustainable ideas. **Fiona Young** Fiona Young is Studio Director at Hayball, an award-winning Australasian architectural practice. She is a practicing architect and researcher in the field of learning environments, and has worked as an exhibition designer within leading cultural institutions including MAAS and the Australian Museum. Fiona is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, focusing on the design affordances of innovative learning environments. She is co-author of the paper ‘Designing for Serious Play’ in the recently published book ‘Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Play from Birth to Beyond’. **Natalia Krysiak** A practicing architect in Hayball's Sydney studio, Natalia Krysiak has a keen interest in the design of children's learning environments and is a passionate advocate for child-friendly cities, engaging in a range of place-making and research initiatives. In 2017 Natalia was awarded the David Lindner Research Prize by the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. Her winning proposal is investigating the potential for high-density areas to provide environments for increased play and independent mobility of children. EVENT SPONSOR Thanks to ThoughtWorks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments. Please note their new office location above Wynyard Station at Level 10, 50 Carrington Street.