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Episode 5 - Suncorp Steps Up

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Yamen S.


Following the success of Westpac's hosting of Episode 4, Suncorp have stepped up to the plate and kindly offered their venue at Level 10, 321 Kent St.

Microservices at Tyro: An Evolutionary Tale, by Graham Lea

Microservice development at Tyro is in full swing. However, it’s not just a switch that we flicked on one day; it's something we’ve been building towards for almost a decade. I’ll share some of the back story, some of what we’re doing today and some things we’ve learnt (and are still learning).

A Microservices Reference Architecture, by Yamen Sader

Success in using Microservices depends on the existence of certain architecture, infrastructure and process elements. These include continuous integration, testing, logging & tracing, messaging, service registration and discovery, monitoring and so forth.

Yamen will present an opinionated (in-production) reference architecture (and technology stack) that covers all the above concerns. And looks forward to being shot down!

321 Kent Street · Sydney
2 spots left