• Hello Windows 10!

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    Jeff Alexander who works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Australia would like to chat about Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft®. He will be giving a presentation that will tell us the need-to-know facts about the new operating system and why we should take the plunge (if we hadn't already) including telling us a few things we might not have known or thought to ask! There will be networking, there will be Windows 10 and it will (*crosses fingers*) be a fun night! BIG THANKS! Big thanks to Anchor Hosting (http://www.anchor.com.au/?utm_source=smug1&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=sponsorship) for providing us with the venue and equipment necessary to help hold this event, as well as for the staff who have volunteered their time to stay back and help close up and clean up when it's all over! Another big thanks to Microsoft Australia for Jeff Alexander's time to come in and speak to us regarding Windows 10 as well as for the food and drinks provided by Subway and paid for by Microsoft. DIRECTIONS TO VENUE Address: Level 11, 201 Elizabeth Street Sydney. You will want to enter from Castlereagh St, see the diagram below. Proceed to the lower level lifts (the upper level lifts will not work for you) and go to level 11. Once there, proceed to sign-in. Welcome to the venue! :) *SPONSORSHIPS* Care to sponsor this event or subsequent events? Feel free to reach out to me to discuss! We have a few packages available for you to choose from! *CALL TO ARMS* Feel free to submit any questions or things you would like to see in the comments. If you'd like to give a talk about something interesting reach out to me as we still have a slot open and many more meetups to be had. *THIS IS MY FIRST TIME* This will be our first ever meetup, so expect teething. I've been to many meetups and I'm hoping that exposure translates to experience running them via osmosis. However if things go pear shaped, your support and understanding will be appreciated. There will be no costs in attending this meetup but please only RSVP if you are sure you can come to assure we can cater appropriately.