September Online User Group: 3 lightning talks - 1 big night!


SSW User Groups September: We're moving online and combining our User Groups for the foreseeable future - more talks for everyone!

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3* Lightning Talks - 1 Big Technology Night

Talk #1 - Fluxor + C#9 - Redux Pattern in Blazor WebAssembly
with Chris Clement

Redux pattern is well-known in front end development to represent a view with complex logic with an immutable state, updated by a predictable pure function. In this lightning talk, Chris will discuss how to implement the redux pattern in a Blazor WebAssembly project using Fluxor with the latest .NET 5 and C# capabilities to implement the states, actions, and reducers.

Talk #2 - EF Core Query Tags and logging
with Jernej "JK" Kavka

.NET Core allows us to log just about everything very easily, but when something goes wrong with SQL queries, how exactly do you figure out where it's coming from...?

This is where EF Core Query Tags comes into play, along with a couple of logging strategies, you'll never be confused by the intent and location of your queries again!

Talk #3 - Angular - Satisfying your performance hungry UI
with Gabriel George

Angular is one of the fastest JavaScript UI frameworks, however sometimes when we want to render a large number of components it can still perform poorly. You think to yourself "Am I doing it wrong?"

Gabe will show us how to the use built-in functionality of Angular to make rendering snappier.

About the Speakers:

Chris Clement:
Jernej Kavka:
Gabriel George:

*Unfortunately Jason Taylor can no longer present his advertised lightning talk