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    We're a group of dorky mostly 20s- and 30s-somethings who have found Sydney's nerd scene lacking and decided to create our own! We're a fun-loving group that unselfconsciously pals doing nerdy, geeky, dorky, and otherwise interesting things. Board game nights, lecture series with post-lecture pub discussions, trivia, games day and picnicking in the park, laser tag, star-gazing, esoteric tax debates over cake, Star Wars Burlesque, movie marathons....

    We aim to get together 2-4 times a month. I, your Benevolent Nerdy Dictator, will take the lead on scheduling our nerd-outs, but feel free to suggest activities! Submit them through the Suggest a Meet-Up feature and I'll make sure they have all the needed information and then announce them to the group. (Alternatively, if you have an idea but don't want to host, please message me.) See the Guidelines for Scheduling a Nerd-Out (

    Please note that this group is not an advertising conduit. If you want to advertise an event for your business or a different meet-up group, please speak to Brittany first. Suggested meet-ups that are advertisements for other groups or businesses that have not been previously discussed and approved will be deleted.

    We have two kinds of nerd-outs, public nerd-outs open to all members and private nerd-outs open only to established members. Most of our nerd-outs are public. Please see the Guidelines on Public and Private Nerd-Outs ( for more information.

    (Note: This group aims to be a welcoming and safe group for all adults, regardless of background, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, origin, or species. However, it is not welcoming of creepers and seeks not to fall prey to the Geek Social Fallacies ( ( Members whose behavior makes other members feel uncomfortable or unsafe will receive a warning and, if the behavior does not stop, will be asked to leave the group. If anyone's behavior makes you uncomfortable, please speak to Brittany privately. I am confident we won't have any problems of this nature, but part of this confidence comes from being upfront about expectations. =D Happy nerding!)


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