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Do you enjoy spending a lot of your leisure time in the great outdoors, exploring the sights and sounds of different parts of Sydney and beyond, and doing it by foot? Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ is a group for active older people who want to get the health benefits of undertaking exercise in an attractive environment, coupled with the social benefits of interacting with people of their own age (those on the forward side of 40). I want to encourage more mature Sydneysiders to get more involved in walking. Health authorities continually remind us that regular exercise has positive physical and psychological benefits for people, especially those in sedentary vocations.

What kind of walks, how long and how hard?

Because I want to provide variety for members, I will organise a good mix of bush walks, coastal/foreshore walks and urban walks. I will also do the occasional exploratory walks of areas with historical and architectural interest and significance. Most of the walks will be graded from moderate to medium in level of difficulty and ranging from about six to about 14 kilometres in length. Walks will proceed at a pace that is reasonable and manageable for the less experienced or novice walker. Occasionally I will post up walks of a harder nature and a longer distance (over 14km), but their enhanced difficulty will be clearly indicated in the specific information for that walk. Note well: the exploratory walks will of necessity proceed at a more leisurely pace (and include a stop/start element) to allow for the conveying of more detailed information.

If you are an inexperienced or inactive walker and unsure if you're up to a particular walk you've seen posted on the group site, contact me with your query ... I will advise you and suggest the most appropriate walk/starting point for you. If you are undertaking a walk and discover that the walk is a bit too taxing for your current level of fitness or for whatever reason, let me know ASAP and I will direct you to the closest exit-point in the walk to get you to the nearest transport hub or back to the start-point.

Sociable Walkers

Although we are very serious about all walks being conducted in a proper, safe manner and taking the necessary provisions to endure this, N-S-E-W Walks 40+ is a friendly, easy-going and sociable group, made up of friends - or friends waiting to be introduced to each other! Be advised that we do not walk on our events as if we were monks belonging to a order that has taken a vow of complete silence! To us, good conversation is an integral part of the walking experience and adds value to the journey ... conversations that are invariably continued post-walk in the destination pub whilst imbibing a cool drink and a bite of food. A good sense of humour (even a slightly offbeat one) is an invaluable asset to bring to the group, but we will insist that individuals show respect and behave with bonhomie towards other members in the walking group.

This part is about me ...

Over the past four-and-a-half years I have led groups of walkers belonging to four separate walking and social Meetup groups on over 350 walks - ranging from bush to coastal to city walks. I always have ideas for new walks and for a passion for exploring different and interesting parts of greater Sydney and environs.

Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ is about ...

Healthy outdoors exercise and becoming fitter: sustained, regular walking; clocking up the medically recommended minimum 10,000 steps per day (you will in fact exceed that on every walk!) will put you on the right road to a healthy outcome

Aesthetics and a visceral experience: enjoying the walk, the sense of being away from the built-up environment and from indoors, being able to appreciate what we see along the way - be that the natural beauty of the bush and green trails, attractive parklands and coastal areas, interesting buildings or structures, etc.

Sociability and shared interests: the satisfaction of having completed a trek across a particular terrain and in doing so, meeting new friends in your own age group, widening your circle of existing friendships

Educational: learning something new ... an interesting back-story you didn't know, the history behind the public face of a suburb, a historic building, an old estate or an institution that we visit

What Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ is NOT about ...

Getting from point A to point B in the shortest possible time with scarcely a glance at the natural surroundings ... we are stayers, not sprinters! If you want to be in a walking group that walks everywhere at breakneck speed trying to go even faster than last week's walk, if this is what you are seeking in a walking group, look elsewhere on the Meetup network, you'll find them soon enough! N-S-E-W Walks 40+ moves at a more measured pace, so that we don't miss seeing - and photographing - the little gems (flora, fauna, human-made) we pass on the way.

That said, I want to make it clear that we won't be dawdling either, we walk at a consistent, reasonable pace. After all we don't want to dally on the walk so that we are inordinately delayed in reaching the reward of a nice, cool beverage at the end!

Just a few basic ground rules ...

• make sure that when applying to join you upload a photo that allows you to be (facially) recognised by other members and the organiser/host on walks. This means a recent photo (reasonably recent at least, this century for sure!). This DOES NOT mean upload a baby photo, a photo of your left earlobe or elbow, your pet, favourite flower, popular celebrity icon, superhero, etc.

• identify yourself on your profile by an actual name (if you have a common first name, eg, Andrew, Anna, David, Jen, Sue, etc., please also include at least the first initial of your surname). Also, DO NOT use a single initial, an attribute, slogan, nickname, or such as your membership name!

• you can't use your intro as a platform to promote a business interest or service you have. We are interested only in your recreational interests in this group.

Etiquette re RSVPing for walks ...

• when to use the attendance status NO and when not to - if you know that you are not going to attend a particular walk that you see posted up, do not automatically RSVP NO to it. This is the commonest error on Meetup. The host or organiser doesn't need to know that you aren't going to attend ... no one cares about this! You should only ever use NO after having already RSVP'd YES to indicate that you have changed your mind and now do not want to go on the walk.

• if you have put your name down for a walk and then change your mind about going, make sure that you change your attendance status to NO before the scheduled start time for that event. Failure to do so is very inconsiderate to others and will result in your status being changed to NO SHOW. No-showers block those walkers on the waiting list who genuinely want to do the walk, and recidivists may have their membership cancelled.

It is a condition of joining the group that you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms and Conditions:

By joining and choosing to participate in the Meetup group Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+'s events, you are asserting that you understand the risks (both obvious and inherent) involved and that you are assuming responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing (or that of any guest/s you invite) during any of our events. By signing up for a Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ event, you agree that you have read and understood the terms below. If you join us for a bush walk, hike or any other event, you should understand that you are responsible for your own preparedness and wellbeing (or that of any guest/s you invite) and neither you nor your guest/s will hold anyone else, be it the group, the organisers or any other party liable in case of death, injury or other mishap resulting from negligence, misadventure, accident or otherwise.

Bushwalking and other forms of public walking are inherently risky activities. The risks include but are not limited to changes in the weather, hazardous terrain and the environment of nature, attacks by animals, falls, falling objects, failure of critical equipment and injury from physical exertion. Travelling to a wilderness area involves additional risks such as medical assistance not being available. By participating you agree not to hold the organisers or fellow participants liable for any injury or damage to personal property as a consequence of these inherent risks.

Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ is an amateur group with volunteer organisers. Walking in the bush, on the coast or in urban areas with an amateur group rather than a professional guide involves additional risks. These include but are not limited to relying on other members for transportation, first aid or other assistance during an emergency, and general assistance during an event. By participating you agree not to hold other participants or the organisers liable for negligence, oversight or any other errors on their part.

By participating in Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+'s events you agree not to hold the organiser or any of the group's other participants responsible for any injuries, mishaps or any unforeseen situation that may occur on a Sydney N-S-E-W Walks event. You are responsible to research the event, including thoroughly reading the host's description of the event prior to attending, and for comprehending your own capability to participate in the event, including the need to bring the proper gear and walk aids.

Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals who may participate in any one of our events which are organised by one of our volunteer organisers. If you decide to share a vehicle ride with organisers or other members of Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ you do so at your own risk. These rides are not to be considered commercial services, but are merely carpooling organised individually by friends for transportation to the event location. By joining Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ and RSVPing and attending one of its events, you understand that you are attending all events entirely at your own risk. Organisers of this group simply organise the events and we walk together as a group of friends. There are no qualified outdoor instructors or guides on our events and you are therefore responsible for your own safety and wellbeing at all times between leaving home and returning from the event.

Membership Dues

New members of Sydney North-South-East-West Walks 40+ are required to pay an annual membership fee of $10 upon joining. Payment needs to be made by members prior to or upon attending their first event.

How to pay your $10 annual membership fee online.

AUD10.00 - due upon joining & every 12 months of membership from your date of joining

Make payment by:

EFT Direct deposit into group account

Bank: St George : BSB: 112-879 Account No : 468 169 830 A/C name: Bruce Sutton

IMPORTANT: When paying online make sure you write on the line provided:

~ the exact name you joined under

~ the date of joining

We need to identify you correctly as the payer to ensure that you are marked off as Financial.

You can also pay the organiser/event host by cash in person on the day of your first walk.

Refunds are not offered for this Meetup.

This membership payment covers a period of twelve months, after which members need to renew their membership each year via a further payment before continuing their participation in the group's events.


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