SWOOP Analytics’ 2019 Global Yammer Benchmarking Award Winners


What makes a collaboration champion?

You’ll learn the secrets to engaging employees and leadership connection from the world’s best collaborative organisations including KFC, ANZ and NRMA.

It’s the official Australian launch of SWOOP Analytics’ 2019 Global Yammer Benchmarking Report, the world’s largest-ever analysis of Microsoft Yammer networks.

SWOOP will also award the top performing companies for internal collaboration.

SWOOP has examined the collaboration behaviours of 98 organisations worldwide, representing more than 1.8 million employees and 15 million Yammer interactions over a six-month period.

It found Yammer networks have grown and prospered over the past 12 months, despite high adoption of Microsoft Teams. In fact, SWOOP found overall collaboration activity more than triples when both Teams and Yammer are deployed.

You’ll hear more from:

• SWOOP Analytics CEO Cai Kjaer
• SWOOP Chief Scientist Dr Laurence Lock Lee
• ANZ’s Social Business Development Manager Ryan Crocker
• ANZ’s Group Community Manager Pooja Jerajani
• NRMA’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Manager Pete Johns
• KFC’s Internal Marketing Officer Francesca Guidi
• Engage Squared’s Head of Change, Adoption and Customer Success Mark Woodrow

Pizza and drinks will be available afterwards in the basement of the GPO for those who wish to continue the discussion and networking.