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A philosophical (or psycho/sociological) discussion in the oldest bar of Kings C
The idea is: two tables (one inside, one outside) with discussions on Table 1: A possible accessible follow-up to this ethical start, more in the domain of self-help: what do you do to better yourself, given your values? Table 2: What is the role of the government, the church, the law and other institutions when we agree that there are no absolute norms? Would anybody be interested in leading the discussion for one of these two so that I can do the other? Absolutely no background in philosophy is required for these topics. Just connect with me on LinkedIn or send me a message on MeetUp! I will discuss the format with Shamus as well. If you ever want to know anything about the (history of the) oldest pub in King’s Cross, don’t hesitate to let him know. It is quite fascinating! Hope to see you there! Charles de Leau PS I wonder whether there are people interested in a more heavy subject that would further explore the domain of responsibility, or even the existence of what is often called ‘self’ (Sartre/Foucault/Mead): 3. Is there something like the true ‘self’, on which you can apply these personal morals (warning: second degree existential crises ahead)? Let me know if you are interested, maybe this can become another topic!

Piccolo Bar

6 Roslyn Street Kings Cross · Kings Cross

What we're about

This group is made for people that don't mind a little chat on Thursday night on a more philosophical topic than usual. For the first topic I would suggest a nice 'light' subject:

- what do you think is a good life/person in modern times? What are your criteria? And how can we become such a person?

And we'll see where it goes from there. From Rachels' 'Elements of a moral philosophy' to Eckhart Tolle's 'Power of the Now', from Peter Singer's work to the Bible, from Karl Marx to Jordan Peterson, every perspective is welcome.

We meet at the oldest ('52) and smallest bar of Kings Cross. No alcohol is sold, but if you bring some yourself that is fine. There is the best cake and ice cream for those that want to order it.

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