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Shaolin Australia General Training
Detailed information about Shaolin Regular Classes, Workshops, location maps can be found on the Shaolin web site ( Stay in touch through Facebook ( This free* introductory class is for those who wish to explore Buddhist self-cultivation through self-defence. Come for up to three complimentary classes* on any Monday or Thursday. If you enjoy the experience, you are invited to enrol in our regular classes. You're fit enough to participate if you can lie, sit, stand and move about under your own steam. Both beginners and advanced practitioners will take away something of value. We explore the ranges of body-mind to determine through our own experience what works, how it works and why it works. We will be practicing stances and seated postures (asanas), yogic stretching, energy-work (prana, ch'i) and fighting techniques. Wear loose clothing (black tracksuit pants and T-shirt preferable). 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Training is led by the most senior student until the head teacher arrives.When you attend training, you are the one training, no-one else does it for you. Even if ”others" are late, use your time to warm up, exercise, meditate or practice, on your own or with whomever else is there. Newcomers should be welcomed by the more senior students (a most relative term) and shown some of what we do. After training, some of us ‘night owls’ go for refreshments. You're welcome to join us. *Non-members of Sydney University Sport & Fitness are required to pay $10 entry/casual membership at the Aquatic & Fitness centre or take out a term membership (Best value is annual membership. See our web site for details ( ). Car parking available opp. Aquatic centre.

Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre

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Shaolin is a 1400 year old Chinese Buddhist tradition of self-defence. A form of moving meditation (tung ch'an) it is an expression of Ch’an (Zen) and Esoteric (Mi-tsung) Buddhism. Developed as a self-defence tradition for monks early in the 6th century AD, it rapidly spread beyond the Shaolin monastery reaching throughout China and East Asia.

Our practice is based on the relationship between intent and action. You are welcome to join our meetup group if you wish to actively participate in person or engage in our online discussions & other communications. We discourage passive (inactive) membership and ”mere spectators”.

Please do not join this group if you do not intend to participate. Our forums are still open for the public as ”read only".

Each meetup event is a complimentary introduction to our regular training. You're welcome to attend 3 free training session. After this, you are invited to join regular classes and training fees will then apply. Regular classes are held on weekday evenings throughout the year at the University of Sydney.

We practice Shaolin Inner Work (nei-kung), an expression of the identity of body-mind. This includes yogic exercises, fighting techniques and the Buddhist philosophy & psychology that underlies them. Specialist workshops are also held at various dates and locations throughout Australia. These are open to regular or casual participants alike.

For further details go to the Shaolin web site.

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