Past Meetup

The SEEP program at St James Hotel jointly held with the French group

Every 2 weeks on Tuesday

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A unique fortnightly event held jointly with Sydney French Language Group to accomodate many members that speak both French and Spanish.The attendence exceeds 150 members.

The Sydney Spanish Language Group’s SEEP program ( Spanish-English Exchange Program) is one of the most effective Spanish conversation group to be held for free in this country. Its held fortnightly , attracting more than 75 people , at least 30% are native Spanish speakers. SEE PICTURES (

We will be inviting from time to time Native Spanish guest speakers that adddress the group for 5 minutes only and mingle to end of event.

Only registred members can attend - free to join and members must RSVP to attend!!!!

How does SEEP work on the night??

A great way to practice your Spanish and/or English skills WEEKLY and meet new people! You can practice your Spanish and /or English for 1- 2+ hours (see plan below). The night is as follows;

6:30pm - 6:45pm: Either Spanish or English as people arrive and mingle.

6:45pm - 8:00pm: Spanish and English in three levels :

(1) Beginners (2) Intermediate or (3) Advanced/native.

You can find each language and level by looking at the corresponding signs at each table. The focus on Wednesdays will be to discuss cultural difference between Australia and Spain/Latin America –

There will be many regular SEEM participants at each level (Spanish and English) that will be there to help you and ensure you have a good time! SEEM will be held weekly (alternating between Tue and wed) to make it flexible for people to attend.

The English part of SEEM attracts many Native Spanish speakers and International HISPANIC studnets, that means more native Spanish speakers to practice your Spanish with.

The international Hispanic students!!!!!

SEEM also targets the international Hispanic students who are in need to feel settled.via this meetup these students can discuss their issues and problems which face them in Sydney with the organisers of SEEP. These problems are referred to the Group Principal organiser to arrange a referral for them to the approprite community or government agencies. Students can also talk directly to the Group organiser by clicking on his picture on the Home page.

Un abrazo fuerte, RSVP y nos vemos alli!

Simon Velatta

SEEP Program Organiser _________________________


The venue is only 2 min from St James station and 5 min from Town Hall station

You can order TAPAS for around $10

The venue sells drinks (beer $4 and wine $6) and meals ($7 - $16).


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What did Julie Wyner ( who attended SEEM meetup for the first time say?

This was my first MeetUp, I attended alone and certainly felt welcome and not at all awkward or left out. I've been trying to learn Spanish on and off for a few years and am still trying to find confidence in speaking (my reading skills are good and my vocab isn't bad but I just go blank on a lot of words when I try to speak - words that I know perfectly well! - I think due to nervousness). I think these MeetUps could help me a lot in getting some much-needed practice in a casual situation, so I'm going to come back for more, and just hope it's not too frustrating for those that have to put up with my halting attempts at speaking in Spanish! it's also great to just listen - esp since the mix of native and non-native Spanish speakers means the pace is right for me to understand most of what is said, which is a confidence boost. Recommended!