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Presentation: Test Automation. Is it really automated, and is it really testing?

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Test Automation can be a daunting task when you are attempting it for the first time. In this meet-up Bruce will present a quick trip around Test Automation, semi-automated checking to try and provide guidance for questions such as:

What is Test Automation? How is it different to manual testing?

What can it do for me?

When should I do it?

What skills do I need ?

How much would you expect to pay?

About Bruce McLeod

Bruce is currently the highest second highest ranking user on, the stackoverflow for software testers.

Bruce McLeod is a deeply technical Senior Testing Manager and Testing Tools Architect, who is trying to "save the world one test case at a time."

You can follow him @teknologika ( on Twitter, his podcast Testcast ( with Trish Khoo or at his blog (where he posts infrequently) (


Attendees are welcome from 6.30pm, the presentation will kick off shortly after that when Bruce is ready.


Atlassian office, around the back of the office down the stairs.


Thanks to Atlassian for allowing us to use their office and supplying the refreshments.

Another thanks to SoftEd for providing the nibblies.


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