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Sydney Video Technology - syd<video>
Sydney Video Technology - syd<video>
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We last met in person in February 245 days ago, feedback has been positive for our short format online events so we will keep them going but rest assured we will return.

I hope you enjoyed last months 24 hour stream we hosted 18 events with over 40 speakers, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Remember to also get up very very early to stream the Demuxed conference https://2020.demuxed.com/ it's always a highlight

In October Sydney will has lined up a fantastic lineup of speakers starting at 7pm sharp on the 28th

Ben Loveridge - Coordinator, Immersive Media (AR/VR) @ The University of Melbourne
"Can the use of virtual reality improve the experience of real-time networked music performance?"

Stephan Hesse
Multimedia Engineering R&D @ EMLIRI & Hls.js contributor for german TV (& co-org of Berlin Video Tech)
multimedia-js: A multimedia framework for the JS ecosystem - a use-case example: Offline in-browser video editing

Rafael Caricio
Senior Software Engineer at CBS Interactive
Hawkeye - Automating Video Ad-Insertion via Video Slate Detection with GStreamer

Please note: we will be streaming live from our Zoom. Obviously you have no obligation to have your camera on. We ask you stay muted during the talks hold onto questions for after and behave like your boss is watching.

Food and drink at this event will be provided by YOU at your house.

Our friends at Fastly are letting us use their Zoom account until we can hang out in a small crowded space again, The Studio hasn't been the same without us around.

Sydney Video Technology is a volunteer group, as part of many groups independently run around the world. Tonight's hosts will be:

Amy Prosser, Senior Engagement Director at Brightcove
Jeremy Brown, Associate Director Video Delivery at Optus Sports
Damian McNamara