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This is a Meetup for females only.

Hi Ladies, have you:

1. Realized most of your friends are now either engaged or married?

2. Find that your friends just don’t really go out as often anymore, maybe they have a new partner or have just had a baby?


3. That as much as you love your close girlfriends, you’re in a different stage of life and your interests seem to be changing?

Well, what ever your reason, if you are female and interested in making new friends with women across Sydney you have come to the right group.

After the excitement of travelling, living and working in London, I gained a passion for meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. When I came home, I realized that most of my close friends were getting married and having babies and to put it clearly, people were moving in one direction and I was not.

Meeting people in Sydney can be tough, whether you have lived here your whole life or recently made a move to this beautiful city. After looking at different ways of trying to meet new friends, I seen an ad online for Meetup and thought hey why not start a group.

So as a young woman living in Sydney, I am looking for like-minded fabulous women, who like me are keen to make new friends and try out new experiences.

If you’re looking for more friends to connect with or share fun times with then you have come to the right place! Whether you are single or taken, you have recently moved here or are just sick of the same old routine with current friends… sign up and come along to an event.

Events are varied and include things like:

Girls night out parties

Beach trips


Dinner and drinks

Trips to the Races

Pamper Days

Laser Tag

Paint Ball

Ten pin bowling

Dance classes

Flip Out Trampolining Days

Putt Putt Golf

Movie Nights

Coffee dates

Sunday Brunches

Ghost tour parties

Exercise walks

The list goes on.....

We have plenty of new members join daily, so don't be afraid to join the group and come along to one of the events where you are guaranteed to meet like minded friendly women who are also interested in making new friends.

I look forward to meeting you!


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Hi Ladies, I just wanted to update you all, as some of you know and for all those who don't know. This month with be a quiet month on the Meetup front for our group. Basically I had a fall at my mums house a few weeks ago where i sprained my left ankle and did some damage to soft tissue/ligaments and at the same time managed to break my right foot which is currently in a walker boot. I spent the first 2 weeks bed bound without being able to weightbare so i've not booked anything in on here whilst i'm recovering. To be honest, you would think meetup groups are quite busy this time of year with group members from abroad looking for company at Christmas, but it is usually a quieter time of year across all groups with people focusing on finishing up work/study for the year and then shopping for gifts and spending time with loved ones and close friends or visiting home over the holidays. So I want you to know you're not missing out on anything exciting! Meetup events that are posted leading up to Christmas don't generally end up with many attendees despite rsvp numbers, as things pop up and peoples priorities change. At this stage, I will probably not be posting any events for December whilst my foot and ankle are healing but we will definitely have some events up for January and so on. Anyway, I just wanted to update you, so you know that the group is still going strong and to advise you all that we will be back in the New Year :) Wishing you all a safe and happy holidays! Merry Christmas xx Jennifer

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