Intro to ARKit (Ryan Davis) & More Xamarin Forms 4 Awesomeness (Matthew Robbins)

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Another star studded lineup for you this month, with two great presentations:

Title: Introduction to ARKit
Speaker: Ryan Davis, who helps run our sister group in Queensland

This talk on Apple's Augmented Reality (AR) framework for mobile, ARKit, and how to use it with Xamarin.iOS apps, including:
- a high level overview of AR and how ARKit supports it
- a walkthrough of the framework and key classes
- an overview of how to perform several kay ARKit tasks - world tracking, plane detection, image detection and face tracking, with demos
- a roundup of useful resources

Title: More Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Awesomeness
Speaker: Matthew Robbins, author of MFractor

With the release of Xamari.Forms 4 just around the corner, Matthew will dive into its flagship features!
Touching on using Shell to simplify your app's navigation structure, using CollectionView (the new, more powerful ListView) and how FontImageSource simplifies iconography within your app.

See you all there!!