What we're about

We are a fun group of people from all walks who want to explore a variety of dining venues, meet new people, have some laughs, and create new friendships over a few drinks and fine dining. After a brief hiatus, we have some new found energy and are working to ramp up events. Our group's origin started out as 50 members nearby interested in dining out, but without a leader. So an adventurous out of town transplant boldly stepped up and proclaimed to her spouse, "Let's do dinner in local restaurants and meet some new friends, get to know some nearby folks and explore what the area has to offer in terms of dining out!" The rest, they say is history! While we fancy ourselves as Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore counties dwellers, you are welcome if you don't live in those counties, as long as you don't mind the drive!

Now that the group's leadership baton has been passed, we want to acknowledge this Meetup would not have gotten off the ground without the energy and enthusiasm Wu S. put behind our group for the past few years. So we are all grateful for Wu for stepping up and organizing many enjoyable get togethers all over the points of our local compass here in Carroll, Howard and Baltimore counties.

Thank you Wu!

Past events (43)

The legendary Bolder Restaurant (Mt. Airy/Lisbon)

BOLDER food/drink

Let's Celebrate the Holidays at The Cork Wine Pub - Eldersburg

The County Cork Wine Pub

Friday Night Meetup at Paradiso Ristorante - Westminster

Paradiso Ristorante


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