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Thanks to our sponsors Next Gen DevOps (, for sponsoring the event, and providing pizza and beer! Please feel free to say hello to them during the event.

This month we will be looking at a current hot topic: DevOps. Learn more about its benefits, how to implement and use it in your company.

A product focused approach to DevOps by Grant Smith (

DevOps is supposed to be about more than just automation, it is supposed to be about collaboration. Many organisations struggle with how they can make their culture more collaborative. This presentation will describe one approach that creates focus, collaboration and a healthier working environment.

Grant has created and led high performance Operations teams in some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the UK over the last 15 years and has been at the forefront of the DevOps movement for the last 5 years. Grant has driven real collaboration between Operations and Development teams in AOL, Electronic Arts and Connected Homes by implementing Infrastructure as code and driving application integration from continuous build systems. Grant has delivered game platforms running in the cloud enjoyed by millions of players per day and websites serving a billion page views per month. Most recently he has delivered a high performance, scalable Internet-of-things platform for British Gas. Grant is the author of "Next Gen DevOps: Creating the DevOps Organisation" and is frequently sought out for his cloud and DevOps expertise.

My journey from Developer to DevOps by Emeka Eluwa (

DocCentrics ( be giving a broad overview of DevOps topics through an explanation of what it is and why and how DocCentrics use it (e.g. continuous integration, continuous delivery, production dashbord, etc.) as well as having a look at how DevOps is evolving.

With a background in engineering and a Master’s degree in Software Technology from Robert Gordon University, Emeka has been critical to DocCentrics technical development from architecting solutions within its highly reliable dual data centre platform to leading its self-organising and cross-functional agile development team. As one of DocCentrics earliest employees, Emeka has a keen focus on delivering value to customers through developing innovative systems and approaches to their customer communications challenges.

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