What we're about

Our goal is to develop martial arts skills across a variety of disciplines in a safe and friendly environment.

Syncretic/mixed: We are not committed to any particular style or philosophy. We would rather explore what various disciplines have to offer. We want to keep an open mind in order to explore, practice, appreciate, and synthesize the insights and techniques from different disciplines.

Safety: avoiding injury is important to long-term success, because injuries derail training. We make sure that drills and exercises are conducted in such a way as to minimize the chance of injury. This also means that full-sparring is avoided (light/friendly "free play" is allowed, after demonstration of control over multiple meetings). There are plenty of other places in which to test your skills in a 100% intensity environment, but this isn't the place to do that; this is a place to safely practice and experiment with different skills, drills, techniques, and martial arts philosophies (light "free play" is one way to achieve these goals, but the risks associated with "full sparring" outweigh the benefits, given the goals of our group).

Friendly: we are a welcoming community of people interested in martial arts. Through positive relationships we foster an environment in which our skills can effectively develop in interactions with like-minded peers.

We focus on: bread-and-butter skills and drills, in order to develop a solid base of fundamentals; action-reaction drills, in order to effectively hone reflexes; developing our own, personal styles, based on our strengths and interests; experimenting with drills and techniques from other styles.

We will explore and train in the following styles, among others: Karate (various styles), TKD, Wrestling, Boxing, Keysi Fighting Method (KFM), Sumo, BJJ.

Equality: everyone is equally welcome, from beginners to experts. The only thing you need is a genuine desire to improve your martial arts skills in a friendly and collaborative community. Everyone will train at their appropriate level. We develop together.

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