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I want to gather a group of people who maybe grew up in Syracuse, then lived in other cities across the US or internationally, then have moved back to Syracuse. I know I cannot be the only one!

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Hiking at the Splitrock Stone Quarry

split rock quarry

I grew up near here and used to ride my dirt bike on the trails all around this land. It’s funny too, because we would stop riding and hear music from the 40s off in the distance and would take off on our dirt bikes like we both knew something wasn’t right. When I searched for a good address to post, I saw this link (seems others have had creepy experiences there too): https://hauntedhistorytrail.com/explore/split-rock-quarry I’m not focusing on the haunted part of it for our hike, it’s just beautiful land. There was a lost lake we came across once 20 years ago and I haven’t been able to find again since. Wouldn’t mind trying again. Let’s meet at the bottom of the uphill entrance (there are big concrete blocks blocking the roadway). Be careful where you park further up the street. I think the neighbors get touchy about it.. message me if you have any questions! 🙂

Believe in Syracuse crash party at THE YORK

Support local businesses with this fun networking event. Some free food and drink discounts!

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